Why Alfredo Di Stefano entered FIFA Hall of Fame

Football has come a long way to reach us in its modern form. And each of the eras of its development was defined by players who have written their names in history. Now you can try online betting on website 1xBet directly from your personal computer or phone, whereas in the early ‘00s, you had to spend some time finding a proper place to enjoy your betting experience. A prime example of a star football player was the legendary Spanish striker of Argentinean origin Alfredo Di Stefano. He began his professional career at the age of 18, when he was promoted to the River Plate’s first-team squad.

He earned his star status because of his performances at Estadio Monumental. Interestingly, this team continues to play at the highest level in South America, which is why you can go to the website 1xBet to try online betting on them. Quite expectedly, Di Stefano wanted to try his hand in European football, and he got such an opportunity.

At the age of 27, he moved to Spain, where he spent 11 years playing for Real Madrid. It was thanks to his performances for Los Blancos that he managed to go down into the history books. The forward played 515 matches for the Madrid team and scored 412 goals. Just an incredible figure for that time. Real Madrid are still considered one of the best team in world football, so live betting is easy on 1xBet. It is worth noting that Di Stefano ended his career not at Real Madrid, but at another Spanish club, Espanyol. In total, he had 22 seasons at the professional level, but his performances for the national teams were the most interesting. This is one of the few athletes who managed to play for three national teams, namely Argentina, Colombia and Spain. That is, for those countries in clubs of which he played. Naturally, the whole world remembered him as a Spanish player, and he played a total of 31 matches and scored 23 goals for the national team of this country. Unfortunately, there was no 1xBet in the era of Di Stefano, therefore live betting and easy following of their favorite team were not available to sports fans.

Di Stefano’s biggest achievements

Quite a long career for those years allowed Di Stefano to become one of the most decorated players ever. He was so good that it looks like he would get the jackpot at 1xbet.ng/en/casino with no problems. Here are his key titles and awards:

  • he won the Ballon d’Or twice (1957 & 1959);
  • he became the champion of Argentina twice, the champion of Colombia three times and  the champion of Spain eight times;
  • he won the European Cup with Real Madrid five times;
  • he won the 1947 Copa America with Argentina.

As a result, many reputable media have included the name of Di Stefano in the list of the best players of the 20th century. On 1xBet, you can decide for yourself who will win the Ballon d’Or next, therefore who you can bet on. There are even more contenders than 60 years ago.