What Does Using White Heart Emoji Mean?

Emojis are the most trending way of communication, most specifically in this digital world. It not only adds moisture of fun to the dry texts but also decreases the robustness of the conversation. That means it adds a human touch to the conversation. Most people use common emojis like heart emojis.

Sending an emoji without knowing its meaning is sometimes quite a sensitive issue, so you should know about each emoji before using them to save yourself from trouble. You might have used the white heart emoji many times as well, but do you know what using the white heart emoji means? Probably not. So let’s dig deep into the varying meanings of the white heart emoji.

Does White Heart Represent Something?

It is illustrated in the same shape as a red heart but in a different color. It mostly comes in two colors, white or greyish-white. To make it stand out on white screens, sometimes it has an outline around it, a box, or sometimes depicted in tonal color. However, it represents different things as pure love, admiration, bonds, and support. Moreover, it is significantly used to praise things associated with the color white—for example, white chocolate, white shoes, or a white interior.

Meaning to White Heart emoji: Does it Vary for Different People?

No matter how many meanings we assign to emojis or even if the emojis launcher provides a list of its meaning with it, everyone still perceives a unique meaning through them. However, there are some common meanings most people associate with the white heart emoji.

  • Some people connect the white heart emoji to the meaning of positive and affectionate feelings.
  • To refer to something pure or sacred, like angels or babies, people use white heart emoji.
  • People also use it to talk about something or someone who is no more. For example, to talk about death or someone who passed away, they use white heart emoji.
  • People use white heart emojis to show kindness and pure feelings to someone or while talking about someone.
  • White heart emoji is used to talk about the purest forms of love as a mother’s love for the child.
  • To talk about the bonding that has no end, people use white heart emoji.
  • People also use white heart emoji to show love or talk about it that stays strong even after the rough trials of time.
  • Some people use it to show strong support for something or someone they love or believe in.

Where Can I use the Whiteheart Emoji?

Reasons for using white heart emojis written above are also valid. However, some common and non-controversial places where you can use white heart emoji without hesitation are written below

  • If you want to make someone feel special and tell them that you are there for them no matter what happens, you can use the white heart emoji.
  • To show or tell someone that the door to your heart is always open for them, especially when you don’t expect anything in return from them.
  • Above all, you can use it with anything you want to show your love for, your bonding with, your positivity towards. For example, you can use it with a teddy bear to show your love for it or chocolate to show your craving for it.


The popularity and importance of emojis in today’s written media are undeniable factors. People love sending and receiving them. They also attach several meanings and feelings to them when a close person sends them. But always be cautious before sending them like some people, most specifically elderly individuals, consider it rude or unprofessional. You should know the meaning of each one before sending it, as now you know using white heart emoji meaning. However, the best trick to use them is mirroring. That means noticing the pattern of conversation of the person you are talking with. If they use emojis, there is no hesitation for you. You can use them easily or, more specifically, mirror the emojis they use. If they don’t, try using them until you are comfortable with them. This is only to save you from ending up in trouble with some people.