Trading Bots For Cryptocurrencies In 2022

Bots are computer programs that automate specific tasks and require minimal human intervention. Crypto trading bots automate the trading of cryptocurrencies on various platforms for the owner or user.

These are used to automate trading strategies and can be applied to increase trading profits.

The Best Crypto Trading Bots

Modern crypto trading bot do more than just trade crypto. They are based on AI and machine learning, and other intelligent technologies. This allows them to collect large-scale crypto market information in real-time using APIs. The trading signals are then derived from data analysis using predefined trading strategies.

The analysis is done to forecast future crypto prices. This could be Bitcoin or other coins. It is essential to know if the prediction is correct. The bot will make more profit if the forecast is accurate.

After predicting the future price, traders place buy and sell orders on actual crypto markets. These buy and sell orders are complete because most needs automatically fulfill the limit and other types of charges. They make either a profit or a loss.

The top crypto trading bots draw information from many sources, including news sites, social media, and crypto market makers. They use AI and machine learning to determine what news has a significant social impact, which can significantly influence market prices. You can buy bots separately or integrate them into crypto exchanges.

1. eToro

eToro lets you copy trades, trading insights, and trading sentiments of other crypto traders. Follow crypto traders for free or pay a fee. You can view the portfolios and profits of the users you follow on the platform.

Neither eToro has a trading bot program, nor can you use it to trade on its platform. eToro’s dedicated crypto trading platform has tools that institutional and retail traders can use.


  • Follow traders to copy their strategies.
  • Trade 20+ cryptos.
  • One of the largest social investing platforms in the world, learn from millions of investors around the globe
  • Limited Time Offer: Sign up now to get $10 off your $100 investment

2. KUCOIN Trading Bot

As cryptocurrencies gain popularity, many people flock to cryptocurrency exchanges hoping for big luck. Trading on the crypto market can bring you quick wealth, but it also comes with potential risks. Inexperienced traders are particularly at risk, as evidenced by practice. KUCION Trading bot by Bitsgap was designed to make crypto trading easier for both beginners and professionals. This EA crypto trader can be used to trade instruments on the KUCOIN cryptocurrency exchange. The main competitive advantage of KUCOIN Trading Bot is its technological superiority.


  • First, the robot can recognize the current market phase. EA can determine the best entry point to the market based on a set of technical indicators.
  • This trading advisor calculates a trading range that is stable and accurate. Expert traders know that the market can be in a sideways consolidation for up to 80%. This is why the robot is programmed for grid order placement.
  • This smart EA also manages risk management. These unique features, such as Risk reduction and Drawdown limit, are enhanced by Stop Loss and Trailing Loss functionality.

3. CoinRule

The cloud-based trading bot was founded in 2017 and is managed by a UK team. It can connect to many cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance and Huobi, Bitfinex, and OKEx. Trading is free. It allows you to create multiple trading rules based on the same strategy, giving you access to over 7,000 other plans.

Although it does not support Technical Analysis, users can use TradingView to share strategies and tips. You can trade multiple cryptocurrencies.


  • MACD, Bollinger Bands, and RSI (Relative Strength Index) are some indicators.
  • Email support, live chats on telegram, webinars, and other methods.
  • Trade templates in the Pro version
  • Mobile – Android and iOS apps, in addition to the Web interface.

4. CryptoHopper

The CryptoHopper, a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading bot, uses an algorithmic programmed trading strategy and allows users external signals to make intelligent trades. It can be connected to 9 different cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase and OKEX.

It allows you to leverage free and paid signals from various sources. It is owned and operated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is available 24/7 and can trade multiple cryptos, including 75 cryptocurrencies.


  • Bollinger Bands, RSI, and Stoch are just a few of the many indicators available.
  • Bot backtesting tools, saveable and configurable templates, trailing stops, and custom technical indicators are all part of trading tools.
  • Web-based, no desktop or mobile apps.

5. TradeSanta

TradeSanta is a cloud-based crypto trading software that both beginners and professionals can use. It works 24 hours a day, but you don’t need to be online to make money. It can also be connected to other crypto trading platforms, such as Huobi and Binance.

It allows you to use multiple indicators and long and short strategies. There is also responsive support staff. Long trades will enable you to buy tokens at a low cost and then sell them high. The opposite is true for shorting strategies. This software allows you to use DCA or grid bots, and Smart Order will enable you to place orders.


  • You can run unlimited bots with the whole plan.
  • Multiple indicators can be used, such as Bollinger Bands and MACD.
  • Support staff.
  • Android and iOS support are available in addition to the web platform.

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