The evergreen luxury of Murano Glass Goblets.

Venice, the floating city in the Venetian lagoon, is filled with art, beautiful palaces, and astonishing landmarks that make this city the only one of its kind. Its beauty is unique and incomparable with the other famous cities in the world because it lays its foundations on water. Water has always been the main element of this magnificent city and it has characterized its culture, history, and inhabitants’ daily routine. Venice is no city like the others, the mindset of the Venetians has nothing to do with the people living on the dry land, and never will be. For its uniqueness, Venice is probably the most beautiful city in the world. 

Water has shaped the lives of the Venetians and thanks to water, especially the Mediterranean Sea, this city has known the art of glass manufacturing. This art was probably perfected by the inhabitants of Venice and the nearby islands thanks to some easterly populations who were escaping from Constantinople and who knew many glass manufacturing techniques. Thus, Venice and Murano became the international melting pot of glass processing techniques for many centuries under the protection of the Republic of Venice. Indeed, the Republic of Venice in 1271 began to protect this flourishing craftsmanship, which was already a symbol of Venice in the Mediterranean area, by prohibiting the import of foreign glass into Venice and forbidding foreign glassmakers to work within the city. Twenty years later, all the furnaces were transferred from the city of Venice to the Island of Murano, that from that moment became the centre of glass manufacturing. For this reason, today we speak about authentic Murano Glass because the real Venetian glass is made only on this island of the Italian lagoon. 

The Murano master glassworkers are those who safeguard the antique techniques of glass manufacturing. This artistic knowledge is handed down generation after generation, father after son, and it has been preserved. The tools used to create the glass objects are unchanged from the past and the glass is created and transformed by the skilled master glaziers of Murano. They are the only ones to know how to create the Murano Glass objects that are entirely hand-made and that for this reason are extremely unique and valuable. There is no item identical to another, and this imperfection makes every object perfect in its uniqueness. Apart from the techniques, the artistic capability of the master glaziers also plays a big part in the making of the Murano Glass objects. The master can combine tradition, history, and culture with vitality, colours, and eccentric shapes. 

Some of the most astonishing glass items created by the Murano master glassworkers are goblets, for sure. Murano Glass Goblets are pieces of art with their original shapes and vivid colours. They surely are luxurious items, and they are the perfect choice to make your house unique. With their value and all the traditions hold in their shapes, it is impossible not to notice them. They are the symbol of evergreen luxury since they were already an emblem of royalty, elegance, and importance in the European courts of history. The Murano Glass Luxury Goblets are a unique masterpiece since they combine the elaborated decorations typical of Venice’s very close ties with the Middle East and the Venetian Baroque with the lightness proper of glass, that refers so much to water. This lightness is achieved through the hardworking process of glass blowing, probably the most famous and breath-taking technique used by glassworkers to create the magnificent goblets that will be part of your house and that will make it unique and elegant. 

These Murano Glass Luxury Goblets are what you are looking for to give an eccentric and unmistakably elegant touch to your entrance, living room, or kitchen. They are perfect as a gift thanks to their uniqueness and value; their luxury is a distinctive characteristic of Murano glassmaking and it will never go out of style. Murano Glass is evergreen and unique, just like you.