Top 5 CompTIA Server+ Certification Exam Courses and Practice Tests in 2021 – Best of Lot

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) is an organization primarily associated with the IT sector and its various arenas like training, hiring, developing new concepts, and personnel certification. It provides multiple certifications that help professionals get better knowledge and opportunities in the IT sector and testify themselves. One such certification is Server+. Certification is the easiest way to validate one’s ability and check the validation on the interviewee part. Although online certificates have become the crux of society today due to this pandemic situation, IT sectors prefer the CompTIA certifications while hiring professionals. It provides entry-level certificates to expert levels certificates based on their technical know-how. 

Overview of the certification

The certification test covers the general skills required for the efficient management of a Server and its security. The concepts that generally are of paramount importance for Server+ and testify the candidate of possessing the knowledge of switches, routers, security standards, firewalls, troubleshooting, creating virtual Servers, upgrading the security, building secure Servers, etc. These skills ensure the job profiles of:- 

– Junior Server administrator

– Server field technician

– Server specialist

– Network analysts

– Security holder and manager

– Task management leader

– Linked list manager

However, before opting for such certifications, one needs to take care of several domains. They need to identify if they can monitor the tactics as given below:

  • The candidate should hold the audacity to work out network administration and manage the effects.
  • They shall perform codes on networking platforms so that server management becomes convenient.
  • Lenient software management for servers and networks is an additional benefit.

The skills mentioned above are highly required in managing different resources, risks, threats, vulnerabilities, etc., that may arise in managing a Server. Thus the various organizations of the IT sector that prefer and hire professionals have availed and certified with the CompTIA Server+ certification. The opportunities with a CompTIA Server+ certification are too many to be listed in a small space.

– Apple

– Ricoh

– BlueCross BlueShield

– HP

– Intel

– Verizon

– US Dept. Of Defence, etc.

Cost of certification test:  $329

Duration of the examination: 1 and a half hours.

Amount of queries in the paper: 90

The minimum score for clearing the test:  720

Do’s and don’ts to clear Server+ in the first attempt:- 

· Jot down the syllabus and mark out the areas that need consideration, areas that require practice, and areas that need revision.

· Create a study plan. Merge it with your learning habits and get sufficient time for perspiration to have no space for failure.

· Do not let older concepts slip away while aiming for newer concepts.

· Try keeping track of your study on short notes. That way, it is easier to revise too.

· Focus on areas that you lack. Pull up your socks before it gets muddy.

· Acquire reliable materials for study and training sessions from credible sources. There are several online sites and offline modes of training; find the best suited for you.

· Join a community that discusses CompTIA Server+ examination, scope, questions, etc.

· Do not stress out or overstudy the night before the exam.

· Tireless striving is essential, but the management of sleep during the exam will become hectic. So, a wise candidate must acquire knowledge of the domain beforehand and put the deadline to sleep.

· Try avoiding lengthy questions. They come as negative factors for candidates in all domain-related exams.

· Do keep a note of the time that has passed and the remaining.

· Submit on time.

· Once done with the exam, wait for the results.


Thus, CompTIA Server+ can be deemed one of the best entry-level certifications popular among the aspirants that aim for a better, secure, and bright future in the IT sector. The examination is neither an uphill task nor is too costly. Being cost-effective and with widened horizons, it is an added perk of an IT professional. You can enhance the possibilities in several domains and opt for an appropriate server-based firm. Since you will possess ideas on the Server+ domain, you will be the first to hire candidates. Thus, we can easily see that cracking the CompTIA Server+ will be like finding the path to a networked world.