How to have a complete idea about different kinds of triangles?

In the world of mathematics, the triangle is considered to be a three-sided polygon that will include the three edges and vertices and the most important property of the triangle is that sum of interior angles of the triangle will always be equal to 180°. This particular property is also known as the angle sum property of the triangle. By definition, this is considered to be a shape that has three sides and two sides will always be joined end to end which is known as the vertex of the triangle. The angle is also formed between these two sides and this is one of the most important parts of the geometry.

 Triangle is a closed and two-dimensional shape and is also known as a three-sided polygon. Every side will always be made up of straight lines and a point where two straight lines will join is known as the vertex. Hence, the triangle will always have three vertices and each vertex will help in forming an angle.

 Following are some of the basic types of triangles  explained:

  • On the basis of the length of the side triangle can be categorised as:
  1. Scalene triangle: This is the option in which all three sides will be having different measures and will form three different angles which will be different from each other.
  2. Isosceles triangle: This is the option in which two sides will have equal length and two angles opposite to equal sides will also be equal to each other.
  3. Equilateral triangle: In this particular option all three sides will be equal to each other and because of this point the internal angles will also be equal to each other which are 60°.
  • On the basis of the measure of the angle it can be categorised as:
  1. Acute angled triangle: All of the angles of this particular triangle will be less than 90°
  2. Right-angled triangle: In this particular option one of the angles will be equal to 90° or will be the right angle.
  3. Obtuse angle triangle: The obtuse triangle is the one in which one of the angles will be more than 90°.

 Hence, the above-mentioned categories of the triangles are the most important ones to be remembered by the kids and apart from this kids also need to be clear about different kinds of formulas associated with the triangles like the area of the triangle, perimeter of the triangle, finding out the area of a triangle with the help of Heron’s formula and several other kinds of related things. Hence, by being clear about all such concepts people will be very much successful in terms of scoring well in the examinations and further it is the responsibility of the kids to enrol themselves on platforms like where they will be taught by the experts of the industry so that they can have a good command over the concept of triangles and are further able to fetch good marks in the examinations without any kind of problem.

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