Tips To Dressing Like a Bollywood Celebrity on a Budget

Are you a lover of fashion? Do you long to dress and look like your favorite Bollywood celebrities? Fashion is no longer a geographical trend. We now live in a global economy. Many fashion experts around the world keep their fingers on the pulse of cutting-edge style. By following their posts and blogs, you will learn how to dress like you just won the lottery without ruining your budget.

Embrace Minimalism

Fashion Stylist and founder of, Archana Dhankar, advises us to embrace minimalism. Stars who are featured in Vogue and other top fashion publications are wearing chic, clean styles. Quality fabric with crisp lines always looks current and fits well into any situation. Layering with everything from outfits, jewelry, and even cosmetics will give you the look of the stars.

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Buy Quality over Quantity

It is a mistake to buy clothing of lower quality so that you can buy more pieces. A wise fashion buyer understands quality is much more important than quantity, and the same concept follows by Norris Nuts Fashion brand, It is wiser to save your money and add one piece of clothing or one accessory every few months than to buy excess.

When making a wardrobe selection, use high-end fabrics. Here are some excellent choices

  • Wool – Wool is an all-natural fabric that is soft and fits well. Depending on the type of wool you choose, it is versatile and is worn in various seasons. Wool has a natural stretch to it, so it is comfortable. Every wardrobe should have a wool sweater or jacket in a neutral color.
  • Linen – Linen is very stylish and super-cool. It is in high demand in celebrity boutiques. Linen is easy to work with, so it is easy to custom-tailored to fit you perfectly. It is the perfect fabric for dresses, slacks, skirts, blouses, and jumpers. Linen is easy to accessorize with scarves, belts, and jewelry.
  • Leather – Do not believe anyone when they tell you faux-leather looks real. A person of wealth can tell with a glance if something is genuine leather or not. Your shoes must be real leather if you want to look in Vogue. If you can only buy one pair of shoes a year, make sure they are leather. They will last for years and are easily maintained. Your handbag must be natural leather too. Do not wear a knock-off and nothing that shows a label or logo. Rich people do not turn themselves into a walking billboard for any product. Have your leather professionally cleaned and have them checked for wear annually. Later, if you want to add a nice leather jacket, they are always in style.
  • Silk – 100% natural silk is smooth and warm to the touch. You should be able to pull a silk scarf or tie through a ring without effort. It comes in vibrant and deep colors that will instantly add the look of wealth to any outfit. While you are budgeting, buy a few pieces. Buy a scarf or belt. For men, a silk tie and pocket square draw the eye and look chic. Add a lovely silk blouse in white or ivory to complement a variety of different outfits.

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Professional tips


When you buy your quality items, have them professionally altered to fit you. This adds instant elegance and comfort. A professional will know exactly where your sleeves and pant legs should fall. Clothing that fits well does not wrinkle as easily and does not get worn or dirty in unusual places.

One of the biggest fashion mistakes women make is not wearing the proper size. Some people wear oversized clothes because they believe it covers what they see as figure flaws. You will not see celebrities do that. No matter what size you wear, your clothing should show your curves. You will look younger and sexier. Another fashion sin is the woman who insists on wearing a particular size, even if it is too small. It does not matter what number is on the tag of the dress. Different designers use different measurements. Ruining your beautiful fashion simply so you can claim to wear a specific size is only hurting your look.

Stay with classics

Everyone likes to have fun with the latest trends. But, for an elegant look, keep more to the classics. There are a few pieces that every woman needs to begin her style. Here are some examples  to get you started:

  • Black dress – everyone needs one. It can be dressed up with pearls and heels or dressed down with flats. A little black dress can go from the office to a dinner date with little effort.
  • Blazer – you need to have at least one blazer in your closet. Stick with a solid color that goes with most of your other clothing.
  • White button-down shirt – these look great with jeans, shorts, slacks, or a skirt. They are clean and always chic.
  • Jeans – you need a good pair of relaxed-fit jeans with a straight leg. These can be worn with sandals or sneakers or dressed up with pumps.
  • Leather staple item – you need at least one leather item. It can be shoes, boots, a handbag, belt, headband, or vest. If you can afford it, get a leather blazer or a dress or skirt. You can never go wrong with leather.

As you can see, it is not hard to look like a celebrity. You simply need to plan your wardrobe and take the time to learn how to minimalize your look. By starting with these easy tips, you won’t have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks!