How to Use a Tape Dispenser, and What to Look for When Purchasing One

Tape dispensers are very useful, whether in the home for crafting or wrapping presents, or in the workplace for bigger packing and distribution jobs. Here is our guide to how to use them effectively, and what to look out for when you are choosing one.

How to use a tape dispenser

No matter the type of tape dispenser you have, or where you are using it, they all work in essentially the same way – the roll of tape is loaded into the dispenser and the end of the tape is fed through to the blade part. The user then pulls the required amount of tape from the reel, using the blade to both cut and retain the edge of the tape for fast, efficient packing.

The benefits

Industrial users, in particular, can benefit hugely from a tape dispenser – packaging hundreds or thousands of products each day uses a huge amount of tape, so every millimetre saved by precision measuring and cutting can soon add up to noticeable cost savings. Many professional-grade models can be set to cut predetermined lengths of tape, for even greater precision.

What to look out for

There are a few different options when it comes to finding the right tape dispenser for you and your site.


Hand-held tape dispensers, or tape-dispensing guns, are ideal for when you need to pack particularly large items – rather than having to manipulate lengths of tape manually, users can simply run the gun along the box or package for a precise, waste-free application of the tape.


If you run a dedicated packing station, then bench-mounted tape dispensers might be the way to go. You can find these in a number of different options – from clamp-on models, to weighted ones that are freestanding. One of the best benefits of this type of tape dispenser is that it is unlikely to go missing accidentally – the mounting, clamping or weighted base make them fairly static.


Similar to the type of tape dispenser you might have at home, these are more lightweight than the bench-mounted type and can therefore be easily moved about for use in different spaces or areas.

Tape types

Of course, you’ll need to make sure that your new dispenser is suited for use with the type of tape that you typically use. Most dispensers will be designed for specific tape widths, and you need to also think about the dimensions of the full tape reel as well – if you use oversized tape rolls, then you’ll need a dispenser that can hold those.

For specialist tapes, like cross weave, mono weave, and water-activated, there are specialist dispensers, so make sure to look out for them if you use those types of tape.


Some dispenser models, particularly table-top and bench-mounted, can dispense more than one type of tape. They are great for if you use different colours to mark products, or if you need to use a mix of tapes throughout the day – rather than buying more than one unit, having to keep them all in position and taking up more space on your packing table, you can simply get one unit that dispenses two or three different tapes.

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