The Difference Between Using Tools or Not in a Psychic Reading

When you think of a psychic reader, you may envision someone gazing into a crystal ball. This is an example of a tool used for divination. In the present day, it is more common for psychics to provide tarot card readings or use spiritually charged items such as crystals or pendulums. Discover the difference between psychic readings based on tools and readings that do not involve the use of tools to decide which type of reading is right for you.

Tarot Card Readings

Cards have been some of the most common divination tools for centuries. Tarot decks with 72 cards or oracle decks with any number of cards are effective tools that often combine evocative imagery with numerology.

Psychics who use tarot cards typically start a reading by selecting a significator to represent the querent. Most readers shuffle and cut the deck and lay out cards in a spread that corresponds to the nature of an inquiry. Oracle cards may be laid out in spreads that correspond to the nature of the cards and the question.

Tarot or oracle cards provide a structure for readings that querents and readers may find helpful. Many psychics who provide readings based on cartomancy also offer options for other tools or readings without tools.

No Tools Psychic Readings

You may prefer a reading that is based strictly on intuition and does not involve cards or any other divination tools. These readings can be more direct and focused and involve less interpretation than methods that rely on symbolic devices.

Most no tools psychic readings start with a querent posing a question. Psychics attune themselves to spiritual energies and provide insights based solely on intuition without any further external influence.

If you decide to get a psychic reading that does not involve tools, you still have several options when choosing a reader. Look for a reader who specializes in the topic of your inquiry. You should also factor in reading style. Different psychics take more straightforward, inspirational or compassionate approaches to delivering insights.

More Psychic Reading Tools

Crystals, pendulums, representations of runes and yarrow stalks or coins for I Ching readings are all types of divination tools. If any of these tools appeal to or hold special meaning for you, you can connect with a psychic that uses a particular tool in online or phone readings.

Some types of readings benefit from particular types of tools or systems. For instance, real love psychics online might refer to the system of astrology and use the practice of synastry to assess the compatibility of a querent and a love interest. You should always factor in your own beliefs and preferences when choosing a psychic.

Psychics who use tools often possess as much insight as psychics who provide readings without tools. Many psychics offer the option of readings with or without tools and specialize in the use of more than one type of divination tool. An online service makes it easy to see which tools, if any, psychics use and select the right reader for an inquiry.