Sports commentators who amazed the world

Sports events are hard to imagine without commentators, whose voices many fans associate with their favorite game. For this reason, it is not surprising that sports sites and forums regularly poll and vote on who is the best commentator of the decade or century? Many suggest that the list should include Vasily Utkin or Konstantin Genich, while others offer their favorites. There is also heated debate about whether sports commentators should be separated from those who comment on other sports, or whether the rating should be uniform. Here are just a few of the most popular commentators who have earned a place in the ranking of the best.

Dmitry Guberniev

The voice of this commentator can be safely considered the voice of biathlon, as well as hockey, football, and many types of martial arts, which Dmitry Guberniev comments on living. He knows his job very well and also has a lot of sharp phrases in his stock that can emphasize the features of what is happening on the screen. Among the new sports in which Dmitry feels as confident in the commentator’s chair, as in biathlon, one can single out:

  • Basketball;
  • Russian Grand Prix;
  • Formula 1.

Guberniev also holds various events, so his loud and lively entertainer does not lose its relevance. Dmitry’s career has often faced serious difficulties, which are caused by his rather complex nature. One can recall the collisions with Vyacheslav Malafeev or Pavel Rostovtsev, which almost cost the commentator his work. Also, Guberniev is inclined to often be imprudent during the broadcast, allowing himself to talk too much about athletes.

He is largely characterized by shock. Perhaps the peculiarities of the commentator’s behavior are caused by the feeling of invulnerability that intoxicates Dmitry. Today, nothing threatens his career, which allows him to advertise his projects, as well as spoil the reputation of public people who, for one reason or another, do not like him. Despite such actions, Guberniev remains the face of the Russian school of commentators and he certainly cannot be denied his popularity, charisma, and mastery of the word.

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Denis Kazansky

For the first time, the voice of this commentator could be heard in the 2000s, and already in 2005, he managed to win the competition for the title of the best commentator. Denis’s career took off on the local TV in Lipetsk, after which he was noticed and invited to the main sports channel of the country. It was he who commented on the most famous matches in the Europa League, including:

  • Atlético – Athletic;
  • Chelsea v Arsenal;
  • Final of the German Cup.

What distinguishes Kazansky’s commentary from his colleagues? First of all, a sense of irony is striking, as well as a subtle understanding of the philosophy of football. In recent years, his knowledge has expanded significantly, which can be heard from the comments. It is also worth noting Kazansky’s ability to adapt to the growing volume of statistics, which allows viewers to get the most interesting facts during the match. Kazansky has an amazing ability to comment on matches in such a way that the listener gets the impression that they have known each other for many years.

Vasily Utkin

For the past few years, Vasily Utkin has not been involved in commenting and many may remember his not very successful matches when there was a feeling that he was losing the narrative thread, or that what was happening on the field had lost interest for him. But this commentator was remembered thanks to another. When he is in shape, his sincere emotions captivate the audience. He finds the most accurate metaphors, making the match come to life, and his discussion continues in the kitchen or at bus stops and after.

This decade has become much more difficult for Utkin than his entire previous career. The life project that he is currently implementing involves commenting on matches without being tied to channels, which makes him unique. There are many personalities in the conflict between Utkin and Kandelaki, but his project does one very important thing – it helps to deprive state television of its monopoly on broadcasting and commenting on matches. 

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