Practical tricks to improve productivity and quality of life

Who among us would not like to find simple and effective methods to improve their work performance? In an age characterised by an increasing drive for competition, experienced even by individual professionals fighting each other to emerge, the real risk is that we completely forget about concrete methods to foster progressive mental relaxation, to nurture that disposition of spirit which, if correctly activated, is capable of exponentially increasing our productivity, while also improving the quality of our work.

People who dwell on such matters can now be counted on one hand. They are fewer and fewer, because nowadays most professionals are accustomed to living and working like a mass of urban zombies, even those involved in a temporary job, performing their tasks in a mechanical manner, almost as if they were robots, and completely abstracting themselves from the world around them, no longer paying attention to the wonders of creation, to the different forms of beauty, but also to all those practical methods that could activate the mechanisms of well-being, completely changing the daily approach to work.

People who carry on their work in the same way, perhaps even for years and years, end up looking stressed, visibly aged, with a dull gaze that often stares into a distant, distant spot, or into an endless void. Some of these people are completely unaware of the possibility of achieving personal improvement, even from a work point of view, and therefore continue to live and work in the same way, even for whole years.

Other people, although they sense the possibility of real improvements in their existence, are convinced that they are unable to achieve them by their own efforts alone, and therefore lock themselves away in an impregnable bastion along with their low self-regard.

Visible improvements

Yet improvement is within everyone’s reach, and can be achieved with little effort in a relatively short period of time. The benefits will not only be noticeable on the quality of your work, your productivity, but also on your outward appearance. You will suddenly look more vital, more lovable, and much happier.

All you have to do is follow the method scrupulously for a few weeks, waiting patiently for the first benefits to appear and always remaining calm, even if you do not notice any effect.

The teachings of India

Choose to start with ancient Indian wisdom, devoting yourself to meditation at least twice a day. The ideal duration of each meditation session would be forty minutes, but in an initial phase twenty or thirty minutes would be fine. Get up a couple of hours earlier than usual, even at 4 or 5 a.m., take a quick shower and start meditating immediately.

The ancient masters of India (but also of China and Japan) sat in the lotus position, with the legs crossed and the feet placed at the knees, but for beginners the half-lotus position, with one foot resting on the opposite leg, will also suffice. Accept the thoughts that arise and gently push them away until you reach a state of perfect stillness of mind.

Try to maintain this for about thirty minutes, and repeat the same operation in the evening, just before going to bed, or even before dinner. Repeating these sessions twice a day, together with constant and regular physical or sports activity, can improve the quality of your life within a few weeks, transforming you into a completely different person than before.

The beneficial effects will reverberate on your productivity, your mood, but also on your ability to appreciate the present moment, each and every moment of your life, especially those dedicated to work and the entertainment you usually indulge in.

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In an age so rich in opportunities, to continue to live in a monotonous and mechanical manner is to miss out on valuable opportunities for self-improvement forever, and thus forever give up on revealing the best version of ourselves.