What You Can Expect When Accepting a Temporary Job in Beverly Hills

The movies and media have increased the glamor of living in Beverly Hills. Those who cannot live in this famous zip code might settle for working in it, even if it’s temporary. 

You’ll find luxury brands, valuable real estate, and a chic crowd in this city. You might bump into celebrities too. After all, this is where the real housewives of Beverly Hills live.

Whether you work in the 90210 zip code or 73008, you should prepare for the environment and work. For example, should you pack a lunch, or can you afford to buy it?

If you want to purchase lunch daily, do you have enough time to enjoy it? Delivery services have made enjoying lunchtime easier. However, the costs and fees make it more expensive, especially for temporary workers. 

We look at what you can expect when accepting a temporary job in Beverly Hills. 


Beverly Hills is part of Los Angeles County. Therefore, the city sees heavy traffic during regular commuting hours. Plus, areas with restaurants and shops will see traffic too.

If you head over to Rodeo Drive during shopping hours, it’s not easy to find parking. Instead, most shoppers opt for valet and a car service that will drop them off.

Before your first day, find out if you’ll have parking access. Then, find out where it is located. You can expect to park among luxury vehicles, so don’t open your vehicle door too wide. The last thing you want is to dent a $50,000 car.

Since Los Angeles County is heavily populated and most residents drive, the area sees its share of accidents. In addition, it has a high dog population and some homeless roaming around. If something goes terribly wrong and you become injured, a personal injury attorney in Beverly Hills can represent you.


Beverly Hills isn’t on the coast, but comparatively speaking, it’s close enough to the beach. Therefore, it receives pleasant weather year-round. 

It doesn’t rain here very often. Plus, the weather hovers between daytime highs of 68 degrees and 79 degrees. Since the weather leans toward the mild side, carry a light sweater. 

You can also keep one at the office. The sweater will keep you comfortable if your place of work turns on the air conditioning. 

Types of Jobs

The famous zip code offers several service jobs, such as restaurant staff, bartenders, and retail customer service representatives. It also offers professional job opportunities like dental assistants, medical assistants, and event planners. 

Restaurants in the city also need hostesses while retailers might search for models.

Once you work in this zip code, you demonstrate that you can work with a high-end clientele. Depending on the career path you want to walk, the experience could springboard you into a permanent position. 


Whether you work in retail, food service, or an office, you will come across high-end clients. Therefore, practice your manners, speaking clearly, and grooming.

Even as a temporary worker, you represent the organization. Plus, clients expect a high level of service and courtesy. 

Since the area attracts tourists, you can expect to work around an international crowd. They might speak English with a broken accent or use the services of translators.

In addition to completing the tasks outlined by your job, ensure that you can work with different types of people.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in a city impacts workers. Food providers and retailers cater to specific clients. Therefore, their prices match the service and goods.

When you accept a job located in this area, figure out how you will handle the costs, namely for food.

You might splurge on the tasty entrees or brown bag lunch. If you decide to brown bag lunch, you might splurge on the occasional dessert or cup of coffee. 

The median home prices in the 90210 zip code are in the seven figures. The average home in California costs almost $700,000. In this famous area, the prices reach nearly $3.8 million.

Landing a job during a tough economy is something to celebrate. Having the opportunity to work in a glamorous city is icing on the cake for some individuals. 

If you hope to enter fashion, marketing, or luxury retail, this is where you make connections.


Working in Beverly Hills is an opportunity of a lifetime for some individuals. It’s an opportunity to experience a glamorous environment. In many ways, the area is just another city. However, its location means being close to the beach, Hollywood, and fashion.


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