Your Concise Handbook for IPL Betting

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a celebration of excellence in cricket. Each year, a fresh edition typically unfolds in March and lasts till May, which is bigger and more exciting than the previous one. However, IPL has another dimension beyond cricket. Punters look forward to each season to test their betting skills and ingenuity. And, many of them simply rake it. 

If you too are keen to jump onto the IPL betting bandwagon, we offer some proven tips to keep you hitting the ground and running. But mind you, betting is addictive. So, discretion is advised.

  • Create a Bankroll: 

It’s the first step of your betting journey. Remember, betting involves money. A sportsbook will entertain your wagers only after you make deposits. That calls for pooling your funds upfront. However, it’s up to you to decide how much money you should set aside. 

Typically, your bankroll should be 10% to 12% of your monthly income. Anything more than that will choke your monthly budget while anything less will compromise your chances of a big payday. Also, set a betting limit upfront and adhere to it.

  • Research the Squads

Betting is a practical endeavor that has to be based on facts and figures. Random hunches will take you nowhere. You are better off researching both the squads inside out. From their strengths and weaknesses to their past performances, nothing should skip your radar. Plus, don’t forget to research the previous title winners to add nuance to your decisions. 

Getting to know the players in an IPL contest is a wise move. Once you go through players’ bowling and batting averages and other performance indicators, it’s easy to predict the winning team. Mind you, the side with more match-winners has a better chance. Also, it will keep you ready to ace key markets like the best batsman, the best bowler, and more.

  • Explore Markets:

IPL offers you a stunning variety of markets. It makes sense to choose the market wisely. It’s your chosen market that decides how much you bet, and what your odds and payouts will be. The commonest of all is the match-winner market. Here, your betting options include a Team A win, a Team B win, and a draw. As only 3 outcomes are possible, the payouts are low. 

So, you need to explore other markets as well to find value. True to its name, the best batsman market requires you to predict the highest scorer in a given match or throughout the IPL season. Likewise, you have to predict the highest wicket-taker right to ace the best bowler market. Your other options include a batsman scoring a century, opening partnership, total runs, total wickets, toss winner, total no-balls, total ducks, and more. It’s advisable to study the markets thoroughly before betting to derive the maximum advantage.

  • Search for the Best Betting Odds

IPL betting is all about odds. They determine how much you earn on each winning wager, after all. For the uninitiated, odds are indicative of the probability of a given outcome.

It’s calculated with a simple formula: 

  • Payouts = (Odds x Stakes) – Stakes. 

Let’s say, the odds for CSK’s win stand at 1.22. Now, you bet INR 100 on CSK. 

  • Your payouts will be (INR 100 x 1.22) – 100 = INR 22. 

It’s worth mentioning that the payouts come your way only if you win the bet. Otherwise, you lose your entire investment. When profitability depends solely on odds, it’s good to get the best available out there. Just scout the net and compare the odds on offer at different sportsbooks. That’s vital as no two sportsbooks offer the same odds. The difference, however, is in decimals, which can add up to a big difference in your payouts.

  • Consider the Pitch: 

The pitch behavior could be the difference between betting gains and losses. The pitch varies from one ground to the other. Take, for instance, the Green Park Stadium, Kanpur, which offers a prodigious turn right from the start. In any match played here, expect spinners to make merry. The team with better spinners and the ability of its batsmen to negotiate spin is a safe bet. Also, the best bowler and best performer are more likely to be a spinner.

Pitches assisting pace bowling, such as Dharmasala and Mohali could make even ordinary fast bowlers look formidable. As such, pacers who can hit the deck hard and generate bounce and carry are your best bets. Also, the scoring rate and totals will be reasonable here. Likewise, batting paradises, including Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore will see batsmen flourishing. The team totals would be high and ironically, even a 200 plus score won’t look safe. 

  • Go Through the Weather Forecast: 

The weather gods come into action, deciding the outcome of a given IPL encounter. The overcast conditions help pacers achieve the desired swing and seam, giving batsmen a run for their money. On the other hand, hot and humid conditions offer an advantage to batsmen. So, check the weather report before deciding which market to focus on or how much to wager. Any credible Indian betting site would offer you a detailed weather report, so breathe easy.

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