Top Apps To Keep Your Phone Safe

Mobile phones are becoming more and more important for things like work, which is why lots of IT support companies are recommending taking the right protective measures. There are thousands of apps available to download on your phone. But unfortunately, a lot of those apps may contain malware or viruses, and they may even be specifically designed to attack you and your data. But luckily, there are also lots of apps that are specifically designed to protect your phone and your data.

TechQuarters, an IT support company in London, recommends bringing your own device policies for work because it means users can have a work phone easily and they can work anywhere. But it is important that your phone is installed with good quality security and data protection apps.


One of the most famous and reliable anti-malware apps that you can download on your phone. Malwarebytes offers real-time protection against malware, implements regular scans on URLs, and alerts you when the app detects any suspicious behavior. It also compiles regular reports on the access permissions of apps installed on your mobile, what apps might contain malware, and what apps could be monitoring your activity (such as calls or texts). Managed IT support services usually include phone protection, but it is also useful to have your own protection, so apps like Malwarebytes are useful.


It can be a big comfort knowing that someone or something is looking out for you, and there isn’t anything different about your phone. Lookout is an app that is always monitoring for suspicious activities across apps and networks. If a Wi-Fi network is dangerous or seems suspicious, Lookout will notify you about that. It also tells you what apps can see your location, your contacts, your messages, and any other data.

It can also alert you about any breaches, it has a safe browsing mode, and it can even help you recover your phone if it gets stolen, and lock it to make sure your information can be accessed from pdf to word.


Nearly every app that we download requests permission from us. Unfortunately, it can be quite hard to change permissions for apps that we have used only a few times. However, there is an app for revoking permissions for these apps. The bouncer is an app that makes it easy to keep or remove app permissions whenever you want. You can even set selective permissions for an app – for example, you can reject permissions for an app to carry out specific actions that you don’t think are appropriate. Bouncer also informs you of any apps that sell your information to third parties.

Firefox Focus

Browsing the internet can sometimes be quite risky – for example, ads on legitimate websites can be infected with malicious code, or else it takes you to a website that tries to steal your data. Even if this doesn’t happen to you, there are still all kinds of trackers on websites and browsers that can collect data from you. This is exactly what Firefox Focus helps you with. It is a free, open-source browser from Mozilla that allows you to browse the internet while blocking trackers, and also erasing history, passwords, and cookies.

Signal Messenger

There are a lot of risks related to mobile messaging that should be addressed. One of the best ways in which you can protect yourself is by encrypting your messages. This is where the app Signal Messenger comes in to help. There are a lot of private messaging apps, but a lot of them don’t work unless it is being used on both ends. But with Signal Messenger, you can encrypt normal SMS text messages to add extra protection even if the person you are texting isn’t using the app.