Top 5 Causes of a Faulty Air Conditioner

One of the major frustrations during summer is an A/C unit that doesn’t work as expected. Well, there can be several reasons behind a faulty air conditioning unit, which some can be technical.

In this article, you’ll discover the top causes why your A/C unit is working erratically. Read on to learn more! 

Clogged Air Filter

A filthy and clogged filter remains on top of the list of culprits for a malfunctioning air conditioner. Your A/C isn’t cooling your home because the airflow is obstructed by the dirt and debris that accumulated in the filters. It affects the cooling capability of your system. That’s why it’s always a must to keep your filters clean and fresh. 

The solution is either you clean the filter regularly or replace it with a new 17x21x1 filter. Cleaning air filters is an easy job to do, as you only need to take out the filter, wash it, and put it back once dried. However, there are times that you may require to replace the air filter altogether. Contact your local A/C repair service provider in Chattanooga, TN to know what needs to be done.

Filthy Coils

Your space may not be cooling because of the dirt on your compressor coil. The condenser removes the heat from the air and dissolves it outside. As dirt accumulates on the coils over time, your air conditioner can be at risk of malfunctioning anytime.

Dust and debris will make the condenser work double to meet your desired comfort, thus consuming more energy in the process. It is best to have your trusted A/C repair service provider in Chattanooga, TN address this problem.

High Surrounding Temperature

Every A/C unit is designed to have a specific working temperature at which it can operate most efficiently. Your unit’s efficiency will be significantly affected whenever the atmospheric temperature is beyond the ideal temperature limit.

Suppose the surrounding temperature is beyond the limit, it’s possible that your compressor won’t be able to bear it and may end up not working at all.

Any homeowner can avoid this problem by making sure that the installation is done right. With that, we mean that the A/C is mounted at the right location (somewhere away from direct sunlight). Be sure to ask for professional advice from your local A/C repair service provider in Chattanooga, TN.

Insufficient Coolant

Your unit’s coolant is the one responsible for cooling the air while circulating through the evaporator coil. A/C coolants are indeed one of the most complex and significant parts of an A/C system.

Whenever the coolant level drops down, so is the effectiveness of an A/C unit. In case it happened, let your trusted HVAC company deal with it and have the problem addressed professionally.

Defective Compressor

In some instances, the fault is at the compressor. Your air conditioner might not be cooling your home enough because the cooling cycle was interrupted. So what does the compressor has to do with it?

The compressor circulates the refrigerant necessary for the heat exchange between the outdoor and indoor unit. It compresses the gaseous refrigerant and converts it to a high pressure gas. If you have a defective A/C compressor, then the cooling cycle won’t happen.

There you go! In case you encountered an issue with your air conditioning system, feel free to contact Ryan Heating & Air. They provide professional A/C repair in Chattanooga, TN and the nearby areas.