Top 10 sofa designs that will blow your mind

Sofas are the focal point of your living room and usually set the theme and tone of your style and decor. It is usually the first place your guests sit and form a mental impression of your tastes and hospitality. With so many kinds and types to choose from, buying the right sofa set deserves a fair bit of research and consideration of different buying criteria. To assist you, we have briefly described 10 sofa design ideas that you may want to consider before buying a new model.

Sectional Sofas

The best part about a sectional sofa is the convenience and flexibility. You can conveniently alter the sofa’s layout from an L-shape to a U-shape or even use it to act as an additional bed in case of guests spending the night at your place. It is also an excellent purchase for medium to large-sized families to hang out together and share quality time at home. It is no wonder that they have quickly become the preferred type of sofa set for most urban apartments and houses with a space restriction.

Mid-century Sofas

If you appreciate rustic or ethnic artifacts, this is the sofa set of your dreams. It adds an old-age charm to any room and can be identified by its rectangular design, wooden legs, and symmetrical lines. You can create a whole wooden theme by pairing this sofa with wooden armchairs, coffee tables, or other small side pieces. Pay special attention to the upholstery you choose, which should blend well with the overall theme of your choosing.

Reclining Sofas

Popularized by American sitcoms, recliners have become much-adored furniture pieces, especially among the younger generation. They are designed to keep small spaces in mind and offer you the comfort and luxury you deserve. These can be used for sitting like a standard armchair, or the back of the chair can be pushed back to get a more relaxing posture. For a more comfortable experience, you can pull up the footrest and become almost horizontal on the sofa.

Low Height Sofas With Tufted Seats

Recently, a popular trend has been buying sectional or regular sofas with low seating designs. Not only does it look unique and stylish, but the height also provides you with the ideal sitting posture and also the opportunity to stretch your legs whenever needed. The tufted seats in these sofas are added to enhance the style aspect and serve as a comfortable backrest.

Chaise Sofas

You might have come across these sofas on several magazine covers or designer advertisements. They are characterized by their long chairs and seating area with stylish semi arm-rest and arched backs. They make for a great addition if you have a lounge-based theme in mind or want to add some royal charm to your living area. 


For decades, settees have been a popular living room seating arrangement. They are simplistic yet elegant and can easily fit 3-4 people. Since a settee is not flexible like a sectional sofa, it is advisable to buy one when you have a large enough space to accommodate it.


A loveseat is a form of settee but meant for only 2 adults and is relatively affordable. This makes it great for smaller homes and apartments or even college dorms. 

Camelback Sofas

Another great modern option for smaller areas is the Camelback sofa, which is named due to its arched back, which resembles a camel’s hump. It is a classic design and can be upholstered based on fabric and color.


One of the latest designs in the market is known as Tuxedo. It is geometrically even and the back and arm-rests are of the same height, giving it a classy and luxurious look.


The final sofa design on our list is the continuing favorite, Bridgewater. The arms slide in from the back and are usually lower than other common types of sofas. The firmness of these sofas can be easily modified, which makes them durable and long-lasting.

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