Things to Know Before Buying CBD Cat Treats

When you became a pet owner, you decided to care responsibly for it. While advances in veterinary care are becoming more effective, costs are also rising. If you’re worried about high veterinary bills, you should invest in cat health insurance. It can help mitigate some vet-related expenses and allow you to provide your feline friend with the best care available. Additionally, you’ve probably researched several options to care for your cat, and there’s no chance you didn’t run into CBD. This hemp derivative is super-popular because it has a variety of beneficial impacts on animals’ health.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this hemp derivative.

As you might learn, cannabidiol can treat various health conditions in cats, from pain and inflammation to anxiety and seizures. This supplement can be the perfect option for your furball, even if your pet didn’t try it ever before. So if you’re considering buying CBD cat treats, there are a few things to know. 

CBD Treats Are Effective

CBD treats are an excellent option to reward your cat for good behavior. But on top of everything, these snacks are a true blessing for your pet’s health. Of course, you can’t use them to replace conventional drugs. But these supplements are great adjuncts in treating or easing chronic pain, anxiety, and some late-stage diseases in cats.

The effects of CBD last four to eight hours. That’s because cannabidiol has to pass through the entire digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. That usually happens in an hour or two. So this prolonged action makes these products ideal for road trips, vet visits, or just having company over. 


CBD treats contain a natural form of cannabidiol, which is safe for your cat. Also, they shouldn’t have any toxins or contaminants. So you should always look for products made with organic hemp, or at least that its origin is familiar. 

Some products can contain preservatives, but only in small amounts. These ingredients, like potassium chloride, are used to prevent spoilage. Also, you might run onto small amounts of THC in products made of full-spectrum CBD oils. They are not harmful, as they contain less than 0.3% THC, making them a safe and effective option for animals. But whenever you can, opt for THC-free snacks for your feline.

As with any new product, you should read the label to ensure it’s safe. That way, you can be confident that you’re getting the best CBD treats for your pet. Fortunately, quality treats don’t have any harmful side effects, so they’re also perfectly safe for your cat. 

Buy from Trusted Sources

The best Holistapet cat treats that are yummy can be found at pet stores or online. You can also search for various other reputable brands in search engines that can help you find the CBD product that best suits your pet’s needs.

The price of hemp-based treats may not be as crucial as their potency, but the more expensive ones may be worth it. So it’s essential to compare the cost of different brands to know what you get for the price you pay. 

You should also look at the customer reviews before making a final decision. These will give you a good idea of how other cat owners feel about the product. Besides, their experiences with a particular product or brand can provide you with valuable insight into the shipping and customer service of the company.

The Importance of COA

Trustworthy pet brands should have COAs posted on their websites. This document is essential because you want to check whether the CBD treats are certified organic or not. It also shows the composition, cannabidiol potency, the amounts of other ingredients, and third-party tests proving the product quality.

The best CBD cat treats should be THC-free and made with organic ingredients. They should also be free from allergens and GMOs. They can contain some legal additives and natural flavors. That will help prevent any potential toxins from entering your cat’s system. If you’re unsure how to read COA and lab reports, you can ask your vet for advice.

Dosage Requirements

CBD cat treats are proven to be safe and effective. Still, you should be responsible and careful when it comes to their administration to your pet. You can’t just give them these snacks in unlimited amounts. Simply, too much of anything can be dangerous. Sure, the risk of overdosing with cannabidiol is almost non-existent. Still, your cat can feel unpleasant symptoms like nausea, upset tummy, drowsiness, etc.

These effects are short-lasting but can be unpleasant. You can avoid them by knowing how much CBD every cat treat has and how much cannabidiol your pet needs. It’s always best to start with the lowest dosages and wait a few days to see their effects. If nothing changes, talk to your vet about a dosage increase.

Your Feline Will Love These Treats

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CBD in a pure condition, like oil or tincture, is highly effective but distasteful. There’s no chance your cats will gladly accept a dropper full of this yucky liquid in their mouths. On the other hand, CBD-infused treats are an excellent choice for picky animals, as they have great flavors. If you deal with a picky pet, this information will be of great help.

Manufacturers make CBD treats to appeal to your cat’s palate. These can be all kinds of natural flavorings, like jerky, beef, liver, or fish. Your cats will love these, and you won’t have any trouble administering these healthy snacks.  

Giving CBD snacks to your felines will keep them healthy and happy. They are effective, convenient, and provide great value for money. So you should always have a bag of these with you, as you never know when you might need them.