Things to Do At Home, To Get Rid of Bag Creases

If you have wrinkles in your leather bag or any other bag, it’s natural that you will struggle to know how exactly you can remove the wrinkles that are on that garment. While steamers and irons are a no-brainer for materials such as cotton, linen, and many more, you can end up destroying your leather material. So what are the best universal solutions that can enable you to remove wrinkles in leather and all other kinds of bag materials right from the comfort of your home?

Here are 4 effective methods that you can use to get rid of bag creases.

1. Use steam

You can hang the bag in your bathroom and let it catch some steam while you are bathing. Within a few minutes, the stiff and creased bag will be soft and the fabric will become pliable. However, if it’s leather material, you shouldn’t hang it very close to the water since the drops could leave some stains. Allow it to hang there for about 10 minutes and the wrinkles will be released.

2. Use alcohol

Mix water and alcohol in equal amounts and put inside a spray bottle. From a reasonable distance, spray the solution to the leather surface and let the solution spread evenly on the surface. It’s advisable that you start on a small area first, just to be sure that the solution won’t cause color loss. If it does not remove the color, then you can go ahead and spray it all over the leather surface. Leave it for a few minutes to loosen the material then use your hands to remove any creases.

3. Ironing

This is an effective method, but you should be careful since it can burn the material. However, while starting out, you should start by turning the heat settings to the lowest point possible. Arrange the leather bag on a flat surface, and put a pillowcase on top of it. This additional layer of the garment helps to offer additional protection.

4. Use leather conditioners

Using conditioners is one of the proper cares for bags techniques that have been used for ages. There are many brands of leather conditioners that you can apply to your leather bags. But after applying the leather conditioners, it’s better to ensure that you protect it from exposure to weather elements, and store it in a dust-free container. Moreover, try to rotate the use of bags since using one bag for too long makes it susceptible to creases.


It can be frustrating when your bag develops creases. However, the above home-based procedures can help you get rid of them more effectively. However, while these are remedial measures it’s better if you put in place proper care for bags and prolong the lifespan of your stylish and fashionable bags.

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