The Powerful Effect of Music on Academic Writing Performance

Music is regarded by many as poetry in motion and makes the world go around because it can cheer up anyone in a bad mood. There are so many genres, and the type of music that one listens to is down to preference. Music as an art form can have a powerful effect on the academic writing performance of a student and with the help of a professional freelance writer, this article will explore that online.

Music makes students happy

Lauren Bradshaw from CustomWritings, academic writing services, said, “While this might sound obvious, music bringing happiness and improving a student’s performance is something that many people don’t know”. College or university life can be emotionally draining and exhausting for some students, with assignments, attending classes, and exams all to deal with in a semester. 

Music gives students and essay writers an emotional boost when the going gets tough, especially when it is a song that they like. When a student is happy instead of feeling miserable, their academic performance will increase, and that is one of the major positive effects of music.

Music helps reduce stress and improves a student’s overall health 

This point is linked to the one above because if a student is happy, they are less stressed. Up to 60% of diseases and illnesses are brought about because of stress, and listening to music has a direct effect on a student’s hormones, improving one’s overall well-being. 

Experts say that when students are having a stressful day, they should just turn on some music because it will clear their minds and be able to perform better academically.

Music helps students sleep 

Insomnia is a problem that many students and people working for a professional essay service suffer from, and this can affect their academic performance, especially if they are constantly tired. Many people turn to sleep pills to help them go to dreamland, but if one is not careful, they can become addicted to sleeping tablets. Any student that doesn’t want to take sleeping pills to help them sleep better to improve their academic performance can use the power of music. 

A genre that many experts recommend is classical music because it is relaxing in nature compared to other genres like hip hop, rock, or pop. Listening to a few masterpieces from Beethoven will only increase a student’s chances of improving their academic performances because they will be well-rested throughout the semester.

Music helps students deal with depression 

Over 350 million people across the world suffer from depression and if left untreated, most people commit suicide or lose the will to live. When a person is not in a happy place, they will not be able to produce good quality academic content. If a student is having a tough time at college or university, depression will be felt however, music helps get rid of the feeling because it replaces depressing thoughts with euphoria. 

Studies have shown that students who listen to music constantly are more positive when it comes to their studies than those who don’t. When a student is not depressed, they will be more creative and able to produce good quality papers. Depression can seriously harm a student’s creative juices because it puts them in a place where they lack confidence and feel sad. 

The power of music should never be underestimated when it comes to the positive contribution it makes to a student’s performance. If after listening to music, a student still feels depressed, they should seek professional help as quickly as possible.

Music improves a student’s memory and learning 

Another benefit of music is it does a great job of helping students recall and learn the information better; however, this depends on how much music a student listens to. Students who incorporate a reasonable amount of music while studying will notice an improvement in their learning and memory. 

Music with a slow tempo to it is highly advised, and it can act as an inspiration for essays if a student is struggling with ideas. They might hear something in a song that will add value to their assignments. People that are not big fans of music see it as unnecessary noise and distraction when a student is studying to concentrate on studies. The right type of music can spark creativity, and improve learning as well as memory, as pointed above.

Music helps a student improve their verbal intelligence

Music contains melodies, rhythm, rhymes, and words that can improve a student’s verbal intelligence. Listening to the right type of music and not gangster rap, for example, will enable a student to learn new words they can add to their studies. 

This is because hip-hop music is known to promote violence or gang culture which is something that students who want to improve their academic writing shouldn’t be listening to. There are so many incredible artists who are considered wordsmiths and these are the ones that should be high on a student’s list if they want to improve their vocabulary.

Music improves a student’s academic performance and increases their IQ

There has been plenty of research that has been conducted by academic writing services over the years which has suggested that music, as an art form, will improve a student’s IQ as well as their academic performance. If someone listens to music that is poetic while they are studying a literature course, for example, they will notice an improvement in their academic writing, and IQ as the songs they are listening to will teach them new words and phrases.

Final thoughts

Professional essay writers believe that the music that one listens to says a lot about their personality, and we can’t imagine life without this art form. For most people who go through hardships in life, music is an escape, it is a gateway to a happy place and a source of inspiration. From the points above, there is no denying that music does have a powerful effect on the academic writing performance of a student. They will learn new words, see an improvement in their IQ and memory, deal with stress and depression better, be happier and sleep peacefully.

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