The Best Apps You Should Download as an NFL Fan

The National Football League, also called the NFL, is divided between the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. The 2022 NFL season is still ongoing as every team is set for their week ten games, while some have played theirs. 

However, we can see some teams at the top spot already, and each team has tasted defeat since the start of the season. You can join any of the best sports betting app to place your bets or download other essential apps. 

Football is king among American sports, dominating the television ratings, attendance figures, and annual revenue. The sport has so many fans that show their excitement in various ways. It could be buying team merch, jerseys, figurines, posters, and collectors’ items, or attending every match and supporting/cheering for their favorite teams. 

However, as an NFL Fan, the below list is the apps you can download to help follow up on every NFL game and update. 

Live Streaming Apps

The Live Streaming Apps are the apps you can download on your mobile phone or your PC to stream live NFL matches anytime, no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection. As the season is still ongoing, and they are set for the week ten games this week, the streaming apps will give you high-quality streams, ease and convenience, analytics tracking, customer support, and so many benefits. 

However, there are many streaming Apps you can download; all you have to do is go to your play store for an android user or your AppStore on your ios and then search for the best streaming apps you see. You can do that by checking the app’s reviews and comments from people that have used them.  

Live Score App

The Live Score app is an essential application every NFL must have because you might need to have the opportunity to watch a live match on the TV or not have a live streaming app on your phone. Another option for you is downloading any other app that regular updates scores, such as the ESPN app. Live-scoring apps keep you updated with game news, injury updates, betting line changes, and much more.

Although some Live scores have the features of streaming live matches, some also allow live look-ins and fantasy sports news. 

Sports Betting App

As an NFL fan, you may bet on your favorite team to win a match or other teams you think are in their best form and can win a game. Sports Betting App is what you need as a bettor and also a fan of NFL games. 

Betting on the teams you are sure of is not only about making money alone; you will also have the opportunity to follow up with every team’s details and have their information. 

However, do your research to find out the sport betting apps you can follow, and you can go ahead to pick your team or other teams in your bet, and there is always a possibility of winning and losing.    


It is a must as an NFL fan to download the NFL App on your mobile or your PC because it allows you to watch live local and Regular primetime season and postseason games. They have the premium option where you can watch football on your schedule and can also watch full condensed replays of every game. 

The NFL app has two pricing tiers:

  • The NFL+ plan – Costs $5 per month, and it lets you watch every game live on a smartphone or tablet.
  • The NFL+ Premium costs $10 per month. 

Madden NFL Mobile Game

Another essential app every NFL fans download is the Madden NFL Mobile Game. The app is an American football mobile sports game based only on the National Football League (NFL). It was designed and published by Electronic Arts and was released for Android and iOS devices on August 26th, 2014.  

Madden 23 is the latest game, which brings the highest quality football experience with new mobile enhancements and improved game visuals. 


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