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sourabh patel

Information about Sourabh Patel (Bigg Boss 12), including his wife, family, age, and height. Indian television personality Sourabh Patel. In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, he was born in 1986. By taking part in Bigg Boss Season 12, the most watched reality programme in India, Sourabh Patel gained attention.

Sourabh Patel: Intro

Together with his best friend Shivashish Mishra, he takes part in this show as a regular person. They are well-known for being “farmer and businessman” Jodi and are the first “Commoner Jodi” to live in the big boss’s house. Farmer Sourabh Patel is the owner of 400–500 acres of land. Basically, his line of work is farming.

Therefore Patel He was born in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India, when he was 32 years old. Names of his mother, father, and unidentified siblings are also provided. Although we were unable to locate his relationship status, we will soon update it. He is Indian-born and comes from a Hindu family in the Patidar community.

CAREER: Sourabh Patel

Due to their close friendship, Saurabh Patel was introduced in the programme as Shivashish’s jodidaar. In the very first episode, Saurabh’s introduction video claimed that he was a farmer who owned a sizable amount of land and had no connections to the glamorous world.

However, news reports indicated that he had fabricated his identity. Since he has been employed by BAG Films and Rashmi Sharma productions as an assistant casting director. He also struggled as an actor. In fact, his former coworker confirmed to that Sahil Rameshwar Patel is his real name. In fact, the photo of him performing went viral as well. I have no idea what you all are asking about, Saurabh responded when we questioned him about it. I’ve only just left the house. I’ll read first, and only then will I be able to respond. My reality is that I am a farmer. Neither have I changed my name nor have I worked as a casting director. Saurabh was always there. The AV that you all watched in the first episode is entirely accurate, and now that I’m out, I’ll try to share more videos and images from my city, home, and field.

Sourabh Patel

Creative Touch

He responded, Farming will always be my priority and I will try to expand it more and more,when asked about his future plans. In fact, he denied claims that Shivahish was a struggling actor rather than a businessman. As I wanted to do a Bigg Boss stint, he claimed that I was on the show because of him. He frequently travelled to Mumbai for business purposes, but this time he managed to speak to someone, and it all came together. The possibility that he has tried his hand at acting surprises me as well.

I am feeling incredibly bad that my journey has ended so soon, Saurabh continued. I believe Urvashi, not I, should have left. Sourabh Patel had opinions, at least, and I stuck to them. Urvashi used to be very susceptible to influence and lacked independent thought.

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