Reasons Behind the Sudden Rise of Real Estate Websites in India

The whole process of renting a place has changed a lot in the last few decades. Just think about it previously, when one had to rent a place, they used to look through the real estate ads in the paper or contact real estate agent. Either way, they had to seek the assistance of a third party which is the broker. So, it can be easily said that if you had to rent flats in Delhi, then dealing with a broker was an inevitable part of the whole process. 

But in recent years that has changed a lot and both renters and property owners are choosing to use the services of real estate websites rather than that of a broker. 

One of the biggest reasons behind this change in India is that these websites make the whole process of renting or even buying properties very easy. More importantly, there is no involvement of brokerage, which is the fee that has to be paid to the real estate broker either by the renter or by the property owner and in some cases by both of them.

But there is no room for such useless expenses when you use real estate websites. They don’t charge you thousands and thousands of rupees for listing or viewing a property, you just have to pay a very minimal amount for membership and that’s it, you are sorted for the whole journey. 

Moreover, there are many more benefits that one can avail of by using these websites for their real estate needs. Let’s look at some of them. 

  • Helps in saving a lot of time – If you are trying to rent flats in Delhi, then we are sure that is the whole process can be extremely lengthy and hectic. But that is not the same in this case. All that you have to do is browse through the many options for apartments on these websites, shortlist the ones you like the most, go through their details, and your search period is over. Now all that you have to do is contact the owners of the several properties. 
  • A better way of searching properties – This one is quite similar to the previous point, this process is way better than visiting each and every place to even get an idea about the property. Moreover, it also eliminates the whole involvement of a broker. You get the ability to directly contact the one who has listed the property. 
  • Helps in reaching a larger group of people – This point is extremely helpful for all property owners. See, as a property owner when you contact a broker for renting your apartment you only get to reach a small group of people. But when you list your property on an online real estate website it provides you the chance to contact a much larger group of people, you even get to contact the ones living in other cities, states, or even countries. Similarly, it also helps a renter a lot in finding nice flats in cities which they haven’t visited yet. 
  • Way more credible than brokers – There is always a chance that your most trusted broker can lie to you about the credibility of the one who is going to rent your property or about the one from whom you are going to rent a flat. Moreover, they can also lie about the quality and condition of the property. But that definitely won’t happen when you rent a flat from online real estate websites. These websites have a proper process of verification that one has to pass through when creating an account. 
  • Helps in dealing with the legal processes – The legal process of renting a property can be lengthy but it is definitely very essential. These websites not only help you in finding the best property for rent but also guides you through the entire legal process of it. So, you can definitely keep all your worries aside when you use these websites.     

Final thoughts 

Online real estate websites like are helping renters and property owners through the whole process of renting. We hope reading this blog post might have helped you in understanding why there is a sudden rise in the popularity of these websites.