Never to be Forgotten Football Grounds: The Stadio delle Alpi

In football, there have been many football venues that have been considered as true temples. Whether it is because of their size or because of some legendary matches played there, some facilities are historic and epic due to many reasons. When visiting it is possible to wager in matches taking place in many stadiums of this kind.

However, there have been other grounds that have failed to fulfill expectations. One example of this case is the Stadio Delle Alpi, which served as the main stadium for the city of Turin, Italy. It was used by many teams, including:

  • Juventus;
  • Torino;
  • and also the Italian national squad.

Unfortunately, this venue had a relatively short life. It was available only between 1990 and 2006. Originally, it was built as one of the brand new stadiums that would be part of the 1990 FIFA World Cup, which was celebrated in Italy.

In 2006 Delle Alpi was demolished, and on the same site, the construction of the then brand new Juventus Stadium started, which was later inaugurated in 2011. Of course, the 1xBet platform has all the matches of Juventus and the rest of the Italian Serie A.

An expensive failure

Unfortunately, the Stadio Delle Alpi was probably a victim of the huge ambitions that led to its construction. Originally, this was a project of the council of the city of Turin, which wanted a multi-sport facility that could allow the celebration of all kinds of sports events. Speaking about all kinds of sports events, the promo code for 1xBet  allows increasing chances, making wagers in lots of them.

The original idea was to have a huge venue that could receive athletics and football matches. However, it seems that too many things were crammed into a single place, without it being able to fulfill expectations on any of them.

For example, the venue had an athletics track that surrounded the main football field. However, since there was no warm-up track available directly next to the stadium, it was not possible to use it for serious athletics events.

The Stadio delle Alpi also failed in being a successful football stadium. The athletic track that surrounded the field created some of the main complaints around the venue, which concerned its poor visibility. In general, the seats in many parts of the stadium were so far, that it was really difficult to watch and enjoy a football match. By contrast, the 1xBet promo code is easy to use to wager on all kinds of matches you can find on the platform.

This poor visibility meant that very few tickets were sold for football fans who wanted to see Juventus or Torino. This meant economic losses for these two squads. Eventually, this led to the purchase of the stadium by Juventus and then to its demolition in 2009.

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