Michael Bublé : Learning from his life experiences 

Michael Bublé has sold 75m records, entertained millions of fans and his story has inspired many. From his professional career to his personal life as a family man, his values, discipline and passion are truly remarkable and exemplary. We’ve rounded up some of his life experiences and how we can all learn from this successful musician. 

Leaving his comfort zone

In one of his interviews, Michael said that everyone thought he had made the worst decision when he produced his first album, Nobody But Me, featuring classic songs that he had reimagined. He drew upon songs from what’s called The Great American Songbook, the canon of the most influential American songs from the early 20th century that he called ‘the greatest gift America ever gave to the arts.’ He chose the songs on Nobody But Me with great difficulty because they are tunes that he may have to sing for the rest of his life. He also remembered the intimacy he felt with one of his songs, God Only Knows, where he went into the studio, shut off all the lights, put his piano next to the mic, placed a photo of his two kids next to him, and sang the song to them. The album, as opposed to what everyone thought, was a success! At times in our lives, we will encounter different opinions, suggestions, receive criticisms, but if you know it in your heart of hearts that you truly want to do something, then go for it! 

Not worry about what others think

Michael worries a lot less about what people say or what people think. According to the legend, he didn’t even notice what people thought when he was young. And this nonchalance built up as he got older, and he thinks many would probably agree with him. He shows this through his music, as a storyteller. When writing his own songs, he never says who it was about, he wanted the listeners to hear the song and make themselves the main characters. He’s totally honest and projects his feelings on to the audience to build rapport. Likewise, it’s natural that we seek for approval around us, but with age, experience and confidence, we can sit well in our decisions and not care too much of what others think is acceptable. It’s about being true to yourself and doing what’s right by you. 

Family first

Family remains at the heart of everything Michael does. His tour was cancelled to prioritise his family due to his son Noah’s cancer diagnosis in 2016. He also often reminisced happy moments with his grandmother when he would sing with her after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He also loved sharing stories of his wonderful grandfather who was kind and just loved music. Michael’s love for his family is something we should learn to practise because not only does it shape us to become better human beings, but it also helps determine the values we’d like to instil in our children and our families. 

Spreading love

Michael was so moved by Captain Tom, whom he had seen on TV, who raised £33m to help people who had lost everything. Michael went on to record a song and made a little video for Captain Tom. Five months later, Captain Tom passed away and his daughter wrote to Michael to ask if they could use the song for the funeral service. This is testament to who Michael is, spreading love and joy and uplifting many. Each and everyone of us is capable of bringing such love to people we love, people we don’t know and pure strangers. All we have to do is to be willing to share that happiness and look out for those around us. 

Healthy partnerships

The Rolex Company shares a strong passion for the arts scene, encouraging some of the world’s most accomplished musicians, singers and songwriters to wear their most prized watch models. While Michael prefers the classic Oyster Perpetual Rolex Datejust which is timeless and classy, internationally acclaimed tenor Jonas Kaufmann loves the Rolex Day-Date that epitomises rich elegance. Associating yourself with brands that you believe in will help strengthen your values, whether it’s your passion for sustainability or healthy living.