Maximize Your Child’s Growth and Development with Playgroup International’s Programs


Welcome to the captivating world of Playgroup International! As a distinguished global provider of early childhood educational services and resources, spanning across 25 countries, we take immense pride in creating secure and stimulating learning environments for children aged 0-5. Our mission revolves around fostering social and academic growth, allowing children to explore their unique interests. Through an array of engaging programs, encompassing play activities, interactive games, projects, field trips, and more, we facilitate meaningful connections among children. Our dedicated and experienced staff is committed to supporting every child as they embark on their personal journey of growth and development.

Benefits of Joining Playgroup International  

Embarking on the Playgroup International journey unlocks a multitude of benefits for children of all ages. It serves as a catalyst for socialization, cognitive development, and the cultivation of positive attitudes and values.

Cultivating Social Skills

Within the vibrant realm of playgroups, young children immerse themselves in social interactions that lay the groundwork for communication essentials like sharing, turn-taking, and expressing emotions appropriately. These crucial skills equip them with the tools to navigate the real world, forging meaningful relationships with their peers. Moreover, participating in an international playgroup fosters trust among children, providing a platform to practice empathy and compassion through collaborative activities and projects.

Fueling Cognitive Growth

Playgroups act as fertile grounds for young minds to unleash their creativity through a plethora of activities such as arts and crafts and games. This dynamic stimulation nurtures problem-solving skills, enhancing cognitive development and fostering critical thinking abilities that will prove valuable throughout their lives. Additionally, playgroups play a pivotal role in nurturing early language skills, facilitating conversations among children and adults present in the group setting, thereby promoting active listening and verbal expression.

Nurturing a Positive Mindset and Values

Structured activities in playgroups emphasize cooperation, teamwork, and creative expression, promoting a positive attitude and instilling core values that shape a child’s character.

Programs Offered by Playgroup International      

Playgroup International prides itself on offering a diverse range of programs meticulously designed to provide young children with unparalleled education and care. Our unwavering commitment to delivering quality experiences during their early years sets the foundation for their future success. Two of our most popular programs include the Pre-Kindergarten Program and the After School Care Program.

The Pre-Kindergarten Program at Playgroup International serves as a stepping stone towards kindergarten readiness, acquainting children with basic concepts in language, math, science, and social studies within a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment. Through engaging activities such as music, movement, art projects, and storytelling, young learners develop essential skills that facilitate a seamless transition to primary school. Our dedicated teachers focus on nurturing self-confidence while reinforcing fundamental principles like sharing and cooperation.

Playgroup International’s After School Care Program provides a safe haven for school-aged children after their regular classes have concluded, extending care until late afternoon or evening hours when parents can pick them up. The program strikes a balance between relaxation and engaging activities that further personal development. From arts and crafts projects to outdoor playtime and supervised computer usage, children have ample opportunities to explore their interests. Additionally, qualified caregivers are readily available throughout the program to address any immediate concerns or provide guidance beyond the child’s immediate family.

Location and Cost of Membership to Playgroup International

Playgroup International, being a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering playgroups for children aged 0-5 and their parents or caregivers, presents an ideal platform for engaging in activities that promote social skills, motor skills, and language development. Membership costs vary depending on the location and area of residence.

In Australia, membership fees range from $50-$100 per child per term, with some playgroups charging additional fees for activities like music classes or field trips, which may elevate the overall membership cost. Additionally, members may incur costs associated with attending meetings or events hosted by Playgroup International, such as conferences or workshops, which provide valuable support for families with young children.

In New Zealand, memberships are free; however, there may be additional charges for attending meetings or events organized by Playgroup International, aiming to offer support to families with young children. Furthermore, in certain regions of New Zealand, an annual registration fee may apply, covering administration costs related to weekly playgroup sessions throughout the year.

Playgroup International stands as an exceptional choice for parents seeking a secure and nurturing environment where their children can flourish amidst a positive atmosphere. With a strong focus on learning through play, our organization offers a wide array of activities and programs that empower young children to unlock their full potential. Our dedicated staff treats each child with utmost respect, catering to their unique needs. By delivering unparalleled experiences, Playgroup International emerges as the ideal childcare and early learning destination for families seeking the best for their children.