Information Regarding Sinus Treatment in Ayurveda

Sinusitis refers to swollen tissues within the sinus lining. In normal conditions, the sinus is air-filled. Hence, when sinuses are inflamed, fluids, germs, and bacteria will block. This condition is worsened by nose congestion, headache, facial pain, and swelling. Sinus treatment in Ayurveda refers to infection of the sinus as pinas. 

Common symptoms include cold, allergies, nasal polyps, and shifts within nasal cavities. Sinusitis symptoms are the same across all types, although they are subdivided owing to duration.

 Acute sinusitis will cause sudden symptoms like facial pain with a stuffy nose. It will last for one month or four weeks, while sub-acute sinusitis lasts for four to eight weeks.

The inflammation condition for chronic sinusitis continues for eight weeks while recurrent ones keep reoccurring several times during a year.

Sinusitis Symptoms

Symptoms vary as per your condition, although the most common ones are

  • Issues in breathing
  • Mild or heavy headache
  • Feeling feverish along with inflammation in areas surrounding the eyes and cheeks.
  • Blockage in ears accompanied by bad breath. 
  • Coughs and thick discharge of mucus.

Sinusitis Causes

There are many causes of sinusitis or sinus infection. This would include

  • Increased amounts of food consumption of oily, spicy food and items will be difficult for the body to digest.
  • If air and water will accumulate in sinus tissues.
  • Pitta will cause inflammation and irritation.
  • Contact with weather conditions that are dusty, dry, or cold.
  • Late sleeping
  • High recurrence of respiratory functions and nasal polyps

Ways To Cure Sinus In Ayurveda

Sinus treatment in Ayurvedaconsiders disease cure from the roots. This includes therapy, performing exercises, and herbs-infused medicines. Some of the remedies are

Using the Jala Neti process– The Jala neti process is quite weird for those who are not acquainted with Ayurveda. However, it is very effective in clearing out dirt and mucus, which helps to reduce inflammation.

 You might be free from sinus infections if you practice this process for more than 5 months. Jala neti is a process where saline solution passes from one nostril to the other and flows out. The use of salt should not be more than 1/4th teaspoon.

Lep–   This is a mixture of three ingredients: turmeric, ginger, and Curcuma aromatica. All the ingredients should be in equal quantities and combined with water. You heat this mixture until the texture and consistency are very thick. You should not apply it very hot, but only when it is warm. Applying this led to the sinus lining and wash it after 15 minutes.

Nasya– Nasya is a detoxification method in Sinus treatment in Ayurveda.In this process, herbal oil or juice is made to pass the nostrils to remove Kapha (cough). It is introduced so that the oil will penetrate the mucosal lining.

This will heal the nose along with infected sinus areas. The process includes a sinus massage that improves the movement of energies. 

The process of Nasya will prevent recurrent sinusitis. This would commonly include

  • Technique to pour medicated oils on an individual forehead
  • Technique to swish lukewarm oils in sinus areas, including the mouth, gums, and others.
  • Neti- Rinsing salt water through nostrils
  • Taking steams

Therapies By Using Herbs

Herbal therapies help release stress and headaches along with other underlying sinus symptoms. It would include Haridra khanda, chitraka haritaki, Daramola kashayam, chyawanprash, and others.

Another therapy is hot fomentation, for which carom seeds are tied in muslin cloth. It is heated on the pan and slowly applied to sinus areas. This also helps to reduce inflammation.

Using Juice To Heal Inflammation

The ginger and tulsi juice help to cure sinus infection and reoccurrence of the same. You require ½ teaspoon ginger and not more than 10 Tulsi leaves. You will pound both ingredients until you get a runny juice that must be consumed in the morning.

This juice will be consumed when the stomach is full and empty. Adding honey will improve the taste, nutrient value, and effectiveness.

Pranayam And Related Exercises

To prevent the recurrence of sinus infection, it is vital to keep the respiratory tracts clean. Hence, exercises like kapalbharti, bhastrika, anulom, and vilom will help clean the dirt, bacteria, and mucus from respiratory tracts. This supports speedy recovery when the sinus infection is active. In Sinus treatment in Ayurveda,pranayama is very important, and the patient is guided to practice it daily. This will help in improving respiratory tracts.

To make herbal therapies and other treatments successful, avoiding spicy foods, exposure to dry weather, and eating cold food items are important. Prakash Nethralaya Private Limited implements original cure and treatment plans. It is a pioneer in all types of Ayurvedic treatment. Doshas characterize the treatment process, that is, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The treatment strikes a balance in all doshas through natural processes. If you are suffering from sinusitis, Sinus treatment in Ayurvedais effectively provided through this institution.