Indian Online Lottery vs Online Casinos: Pros and Cons

Indian Online Lottery vs Online Casinos

You can play government lotteries in 13 Indian states and online lotteries in every part of the country. Some people have won life-changing money while playing the lottery.

Yet, the number of lottery winners in India is much smaller than the number of casino winners. So, what’s better: the lottery or online casino games?

The short answer is it depends. The long explanation is that both the Indian online lotto and casino games have pros and cons. Below are some of them.

 Benefits of Playing the Indian Online Lottery

Playing the lottery online in India offers these benefits:

  1. Cheap Tickets

Playing the lottery online is relatively cheap. You can buy tickets at some of the best online lottery sites in India presented by TheQuint with a budget of below ₹500. These sites provide both local and international draws.

The best part is that lottery sites in India are built from the ground up to cater to Indian customers. They support local payment methods like Paytm and UPI. You can play while in any state and compete with millions of players from the country.

  • Huge Jackpots

When you think about it, most people play the lottery to win life-changing money. If you spend ₹1000 on a lottery ticket, a part of you hopes you can turn it into a lakh or crore.

Considering that some Indian lottery sites support international draws, there’s a chance you could hit a life-changing jackpot online. Imagine if you won the Mega Millions jackpot. It pays out up to $1 billion.

The Powerball jackpot—also native to the US—accepts players from all over the world. The only catch is that you need to buy your ticket legally. Some Indian lotto sites sell Powerball tickets. But so far, America has produced almost all Powerball winners.

  • Support Charitable Causes

Most lotteries are designed by organizations seeking to raise funds for various charities. In India, states like Goa, Kerala and Maharashtra use lotteries to raise funds for different causes.

Many states use money collected from lotteries to build infrastructure and fund local education and hospitals. Privately sponsored lotteries use their money in all sorts of ways.

The best lotteries fund charitable causes like animal rights, cancer research and eliminating extreme poverty. Choose lotteries that help charities to ensure part of your money goes toward noble causes.

  • Entertainment

Playing the lottery can be entertaining. You can buy multiple tickets and have fun revealing the numbers with your family to discover if you won. If draws are done on TV, a game can bring your family together.

Because tickets are dirt cheap, you could participate in tournaments regularly for the fun of it. You might not win. But you’ll have lots of fun along the way.

Drawbacks of Playing Online Lotteries

Playing the online lottery isn’t always fun. Here are some of the reasons not to choose lotto games:

  • Based on Pure Luck

The online lotto isn’t like poker or sports betting. It’s based on pure luck, meaning there’s little you can do to influence the outcome. While there’s a small chance you can win, the odds are stacked against you.

Take the American Powerball as an example. The odds of winning are 1 in 292 million. You have a higher chance of being India’s next Prime Minister than winning the jackpot.

  • Can be Expensive

Online lotteries are generally cheap. But if you decide to buy multiple tickets weekly or monthly, the costs can accumulate quickly. If you become too dedicated to buying tickets, the money could actually cripple you financially.

  • Can be Frustrating

Playing the lotto can be frustrating. The odds are too thin. And even if you try it multiple times, there isn’t an assurance of winning. That’s why many experts say that if you must play lotto games, play for fun.

Playing Online Casino Games: Top Benefits

Online casino games include slots, blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat. Should you play these games over the Lotto? Here are some benefits to consider:

  1. A Wide Range of Games

Online casinos give you a variety of games with different rules and features. This way, you can play games aligned with your interests. You can choose slots if you like simple games of chance.

If you prefer games that require skills and strategies, you can choose blackjack, poker or baccarat. Most sites offer hundreds of games, making it extremely easy to find enjoyable games.

  • Live Casinos

Live casinos give you an experience you can’t find at lotto sites. They allow you to play games like poker and blackjack with real human beings virtually. You need fast Internet and a device with a clear camera as the main requirements.

Live casino games tend to be affordable. Most blackjack and roulette games start at ₹400. Poker competitions cost ₹1000 to ₹10,000 depending on the site and a competition’s expected prize.

  • More Interactive

Online casino games are more interactive than lotto games. Take slots as an example. First, you customize your bet. Next, you wait for cool features like the bonus round, free spins, wilds and scatters. Sometimes you might also decide whether to gamble your profits in a 50/50 decision.

Table games like blackjack and poker are even more interactive. They’re played in rounds. And you can often speak with your opponents or the house dealer.

  • Casino Bonuses

Though you can find free lotto tickets, they’re not as common as casino bonuses. Nearly every gambling site welcomes you with a bonus. And that’s not all. You can receive weekly promotions from a site with loyalty rewards.

Disadvantages of Online Casinos

Before you play online casino games, consider these drawbacks:

  • More Expensive than Lotto Tickets

You can play lotto games with a budget of ₹500 or less. But if you want to have maximum fun at an online casino, you need a bigger budget. In the long term, you might end up spending a good chunk of money by playing slots and roulette online.

  • Mostly Based on Luck

Although some games require skills to win, most casino games are based on pure chance. That’s okay if you only plan to play for entertainment. But if you have a dream of becoming rich through casino games, you should keep in mind the chances of that happening are low.