How to Store Your CBD Vape Juice Properly

Individuals may spend a significant amount of time finding the perfect CBD vape juice. Once they do so, they need to know how to store the juice to protect its quality and safety. The following guide provides an overview describing how to store CBD vape juices properly.

Elements that Harm Vape Juices

Users need to be concerned about three forces that can negatively affect the safety and quality of vape juices. When heat enters the Premium Vape Juice, the molecules in the juice gain energy and move faster. Reactions occur, and the molecules form new bonds, which can alter the chemical composition of the juice significantly.

The user will notice a change in the color and the flavor of the juice. The same thing happens when the vape juice is exposed to light. To learn more about this process, see full guide.

If the juice is exposed to air and light simultaneously, oxidation occurs and brings about changes in the chemical bonds. In fact, air can decrease the nicotine content of the juice drastically. While the juice is usable, the user won’t get the effects of nicotine.

Storing Vape Juice

Protect the chemical composition of the vape juice by storing it in a cool, dark place. A cabinet is ideal, as it keeps the juice out of the sun. However, make sure the cabinet does not get overly hot. It never hurts to pull vape juice out of storage and shake it occasionally to mix the ingredients.

Plastic bottles allow some air to reach the liquid, so choose glass bottles when possible. However, size is more important than material. Smaller bottles reduce the risk of air reaching the juice and doing it harm. Keep all bottles well-sealed.

Avoid storing vape juice in the refrigerator. The juice may get too cold and lead to the ingredients separating. In addition, the liquid will thicken and may harm the vape device if the juice is not brought to room temperature before being used.

Safety Concerns

When removing vape juice from storage, test a small amount. If the flavor has altered, throw the juice away. Vape juice isn’t overly expensive, so why risk health issues to save a few dollars?

The color of vape juice will change over time. Don’t take this color change as a sign the juice is no longer good. Put a small amount in a vape device and test it. If the flavor is also off, throw the bottle away. If it still tastes good, the vape juice is usable.

Properly storing juices will help keep vaping costs down. However, the top priority must be safety. Keep the bottles away from children and pets when storing them. Don’t assume a secured cap will keep them safe.

In addition, if there is any doubt about a juice after it has been stored, throw the bottle away. The cost of a new bottle of vape juice is significantly less than the medical bills if the juice makes a user sick. Always err on the side of caution to prevent the need for medical care after consuming bad vape juice.