How to Smooth Out Any Hiccups Before Moving to Orlando, FL


Relocating to Orlando? Lucky you!

Orlando is colorful and fun. Synonymous with theme parks and sunshine, it’s the perfect place for both outdoor enthusiasts, and those who thrive on the energy of a city.

However right now you’re probably not thinking about any of this. You’re primarily focused on the big move, complicated logistics, and all that other – ahem – fun stuff. After all, there’s a ton to attend to before hair can be let down and Mickey Mouse ears slipped on – or whatever your relaxation and enjoyment equivalent is – beer and a sports bar perhaps, or laying out by the pool.

Regardless, we’ve got some great tips to ensure your big move to Orlando goes as smoothly as possible.

Finding a Home

Whether relocating permanently or for a few months or more, you’ll need a place to stay – and here’s where many people mess up – or panic and jump the gun.


They sign a lease or buy a place sight unseen, because they don’t know the alternative.

Rather than arrive and scout out the area first, check out the neighborhoods and get a lay of the land before making a big decision, they jump in – sometimes tying themselves up in a lengthy lease, or buying a less than ideal home in the process.

And just in case you don’t know the alternative, here it is.

You may have heard of corporate housing, or short-term housing rentals. Travelers Haven is a company that provides both. 

They find you the ideal short-term rental, one that aligns with your budget and aesthetics. 

No need to schlep all your stuff with you if you don’t want to, their places are fully furnished.

If you do decide to bring your stuff, that works too.

Travelers Haven finds you the perfect short-term rental, so you can settle in, scout out some of the different neighborhoods, and get a better idea of where you’d like to rent or buy before fully committing to anything.

Using their service is easy. You tell them what you’re looking for and provide the details of your budget, and they find it for you, free of charge.

A huge relief to anyone relocating, temporarily or permanently.

Cost of Living

 Another prospect many face when relocating is getting acquainted with a new cost of living. This can be good or bad news, depending on where you’re coming from and where you’re headed.

Currently, the cost of living in Orlando is 3% higher than the national average, housing is 7% higher and groceries are 4% higher.

If you’re coming from a place with a lower cost of living, it’s a good idea to plan out a new budget beforehand, otherwise, it can be easy to slowly slip into debt.

Use the Move to Your Advantage

Any change in life is the perfect opportunity to reset.

One of the best advantages of moving – and something most people don’t think about – is you get an opportunity to let go of what isn’t working, and implement what is.

This includes your stuff, all the things you’ve accumulated that you feel just “eh” about. No need to tote it all with you, if you’ve been thinking about decluttering, do it. Have a garage sale. Sell your unwanted items on eBay. No need to bring things with you if they don’t get used or you don’t care about them.

Another advantage to relocating is the opportunity to introduce things you’ve been wanting to incorporate into your life, but haven’t been able to manage.

By introducing them into your routine as soon as you move, it’s much easier to make them become a habit.

Think about the things you want to accomplish, be it a health goal, or something new you want to learn.

Then when you arrive in Orlando, make it a part of your daily routine.

Sign Up for Online Bill Payment

 Most people do this, but if you haven’t already, sign up for online bill pay. You’ll avoid any hiccups that happen due to an unpaid bill you never received because of the move.

While you’re at it, evaluate your monthly subscriptions. If there’s anything you’re not using, cancel it. 

Cancel or pause the gym membership or any other local memberships you’re currently paying for, and won’t be using after you’ve moved.

And when you arrive in Orlando and have your new address, don’t forget to alert the Post Office.


There’s no way around it, there are elements to moving that can be stressful. By focusing on the positives – viewing it as a chance to hit reset and try something new – your excitement will prevail. 

There’s a lot waiting for you in Orlando, a whole new adventure. We hope these tips make it easier for you on the path to getting there.