How to Make Your Home Office Feel More Homely

Working from home is becoming more common with many of us now either working remotely on a full-time basis or following the hybrid model. Spare rooms have been converted into office spaces and specialist outdoor buildings have been erected to provide a quiet space away from the family home. If your office is in your home, you don’t want a sterile environment that doesn’t represent you. Follow these tips to make your office more homely. Who knows, you may find it makes you more productive!


Make your home office an extension of your home by displaying your style. If your home is decorated in bright colors, there is no need for your office space to be a drab magnolia shade. Your office should reflect you so add items that make you smile. Family photos are great for reminding you of why you’re putting in the hours but get creative with your décor. Paint using the colors of your favorite sports team and add memorabilia to the walls to personalize your space and reflect your interests.


If you’re planning to spend a lot of time working from home, it is worth making your home office comfortable. Have a desk and chair at a height that is comfortable for you and make sure that you try out your chair before buying – good posture is vital to avoid long-term back problems, so this is something worth investing in. Add cushions and blankets to give a cozy feel to your office and prepare for warm weather with an electric fan – trying to stay focused on your job is difficult if the room you are in is unbearably hot. It is also worth having a kettle in your office and basic supplies such as tea, coffee and even ‘just add water’ foods such as packets of couscous. On the days where you’re rushed off your feet, you’ll be glad you thought ahead.


Your home office is your workspace so however homely you make it feel you will need certain equipment. It is likely that you will need the basics of a phone, computer and printer at the very least and if you work in a specialist field there may be more specific gadgets you need. The advantage of working from home is that it is easy to add your own twist to the practical items. Want pens with pink feathers on the top? You can, no one can tell you otherwise. A Darth Vader clock on the wall? Why not, it’s your space. Make your office somewhere to play as well as work with Lenovo touchscreen gaming laptops – we all need downtime and having an office that doubles as a den is a good use of space.

However you choose to adapt your office to make it feel more homely, be sure you are true to your style and you’ll find it’s a place you want to spend your time long after you’ve clocked off for the day.