How to create the ideal WFH space 

As working from home remains commonplace across many industries, it’s important to make sure you have a dedicated space and environment that works for you. 

Perhaps you’ve just started a job which means you’ll be working from home more regularly or maybe you’re simply wanting to revamp your home office to create more efficiency. Whatever the reason for creating a new WFH space, our top tips can help you achieve the ideal set-up. 


Deciding exactly where in the home to have your office space is an important consideration. Make sure you’re not going to be working near any particularly noisy areas such as the kitchen or close to any other family members who are also at home. 

If you’re short on space, your working area might also double up as another area such as spare bedroom. If this is the case, try and dedicate a specific corner to your work environment and keep it separate from the rest of the room. 

Get organised

If you have the space, invest in some storage such as drawers or a filing cabinet to house all of your work-elated items. If you’re using another room as a work area, then try and ensure you tidy your work away at the end of the day so as to not blur the boundaries between office and family time. 

Keep your workspace free of clutter. Ensure any power cords are the right length for your equipment and keep them neat and tidy to avoid a messy desk. 

Keep a planner

Working from home can sometimes bring the temptation of wanting to address any life admin. If you find yourself trying to organise school pick-ups, dentist appointments or bills while you’re meant to be working, it’s a good idea to invest in a planner. 

Keep separate diaries for work and home-life and be strict over when you tackle each task. Trying to multi-task will likely cause stress and it’s much more productive to focus on one job at a time. 

Think safety

Working at home doesn’t mean you can ignore health and safety. In fact, some might say that it’s even more important to have a focus on health and wellbeing. 

Make sure you have your monitors and chair set up correctly to promote good posture and take regular breaks from your screen.  

Personalise your space 

Wherever your working space in the home, adding a few personal touches can make it a welcoming area that encourages creativity. Add some houseplants, artwork or photographs to inspire you. 

Whatever the size of your home office environment, creating a dedicated area is easy to do on any budget and can make all the difference to your working day. 


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