How can you keep pests away?

Did you just see a cockroach? Be assured that it is not the only one but there must be a whole family hiding somewhere behind your closet. The fastest and fully approved way of getting rid of them is by calling a professional Austin pest control. However, if you want to try your hands at getting rid of them, here are a few tips and tricks:

Tidy your kitchen before going to bed

It is during the darkness of the night that the pest comes out to eat and hunt. The first place where you might encounter a pest is in your kitchen. Ensure that you clean your kitchen before you go to bed. Cleaning the kitchen includes washing and drying the dishes, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floors with floor cleaner, keeping food in air-tight containers, and throwing away the garbage outside the house. 

Clean the bathroom 

To keep your bathrooms clean and tidy, clean the toilets every alternate day, use disinfectants regularly, use bathroom freshener, keep the sinks clean, and do not allow water to stand. Bathrooms can be the entryway for cockroaches and rodents. The dampness of the bathroom attracts pests. So keep in mind to clean your bathrooms regularly. For comprehensive pest control solutions in Lexington, Greenix pest control Lexington provides top-quality services that are safe for your family and the environment.

Keep your garden clean 

Your garden can attract pests and serve as their home. Further, the pests will find a way to your homes, making your life miserable. You might have ponds or water fountains in your garden. Ensure that you keep them clean. It will be soothing to look at and also hygienic.

Fix the screen doors 

You need to keep a close look at the screen doors and nets you have in your windows. A hole or a tear must be fixed immediately. Nets and screens are great ways to keep pests away. You can also keep the doors and windows open for air and light to get in if you have installed nets. 


Make it a point to throw away, recycle, upcycle, or give away the things that you do not use anymore. More storage will create more clutter and pests love closely packed places. If you are having issues throwing or giving them away, ask yourself if you are going to use them in the next two months. If your answer is no, get rid of the item ASAP!