High Heel Sandals Style All Indian Women Should Have

Whether you love traditional clothing or are a fan of western attire, high heels can elevate your look. High heel sandals work like magic whenever you want to add some height and give a more put-together look.

However, with so many varieties of high heel sandals women available in the market, choosing the right style becomes a tough nut to crack. Apart from the look, you also need to consider the comfort and durability of your footwear. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of essential high heel sandals styles to make your shoe-hunt easier.

Court Shoes

Court shoes are the go-to formal shoes that every corporate woman should have. Court shoes add a feminine finish to your outfit and hence are loved by most women. While high-shine leather comes first to your imagination at the mention of court shoes, this stylish footwear is also available in subdued shades. Apart from work, you can also wear them to events and parties to look more chic and formal.


Wedges are a favourite among most Indian women. They have a block-shaped heel that more easy to balance and carry. These sandals can come in toe ring designs, v-shape straps, gladiator straps, criss-cross straps, parallel straps, etc.

 Most wedge-heeled shoes in India are inspired by Indian trends and are crafted exquisitely in ancient Indian methods. They are colourful, brightly embroidered with gold or silk threads, and embellished with crystal works, beads, and ribbons. This makes them the perfect women ethnic footwear. Ethnic motifs such as birds, flowers, trees give them a royal look. You can pair them with traditional clothes such as a saree, suit, or lehenga to look classy and elegant.

Ankle Strap Sandals With Heels

Ankle straps sandal is another elegant women’s ethnic footwear. They pair gels beautifully with ethnic wear such as saree and look great on jeans and straight pants. The ankle straps provide comfort by securely fixing the sandals to your ankle. Ankle strap sandals are perfect for showcasing your pretty well-groomed feet since they reveal the most. Some even come in a criss-cross style to give you a more feminine touch.

Block Heel Slip-On Sandals

These sandals are designed for everyday women’s wear. They are easy to wear and not hard on your heels. So you can wear them and be comfortable throughout the day. They are an alternative to flat sandals for women who prefer a little height.

You can opt for the correct heel size according to your comfort and preference. Some women love to make a bold style statement with chunky block heels. Colour-coordinate the sandals with your outfit to look colourful and fashionable.


One cannot miss this classic high heel women’s sandal when talking of high heels. Nothing elongates your legs and gives you height better than a stiletto. The sandal features a pointy, thin heel ranging from one inch to seven or eight inches. The signature heel perfectly complements a classic cocktail dress or skinny jeans.

Slingback Sandals

Slingback is another excellent combination of style and comfort. It has a thin strap to wrap around your heels. This ensures that your feet do not slip out while walking. This gives an advantage over other slip-on sandals. In addition, slingbacks exude an old-world charm. Slingbacks with closed toes blend perfectly well with office attire.

Ankle Boots

Come winter, and everyone runs for ankle boots. From celebrities to influencers, all can be seen donning this fashionable footwear. But apart from keeping you trendy, boots also provide warmth and comfort. Since they are timeless, you do not have to worry about being out of fashion. Hence, it makes perfect sense to invest in a nice comfortable pair of ankle boots. Leather boots with laces have dominated the boot trend forever.

Spool Heels

Spool heels are wider at the ends but narrow in the middle. These heels are usually shorter and ideal for wearing in the office. The small heels make them comfortable to wear for working women. Women who want to stay fashionable with office attire can choose these heels. They go well with pants, suits, and knee-length skirts.

Flat Heels

Torn between flat sandals and heels?- Go for flat heels. These sandals give you the dual benefit of comfort and an elongated height. No wonder- they are short girl’s best friends. Since the heels are the same height from front to end, no unnecessary strain is created on your feet. These sandals look good in Kurtis, long skirts, and other Indian wear. They are the perfect option for a casual day out with friends.


High heel sandals can immediately uplift a dull look. This is why many women love to collect them. Indian celebrations and festivals demand high heel sandals for women. However, do keep your outfit in mind while selecting the sandal. Your sandal should accentuate your overall look and not stick out unless you’re intentionally trying.

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