Have you ever played a Chinese card game? Learn the rules here

Have you ever played a Chinese card game? Would you like to know a few Chinese card games? Here are a few interesting Chinese card games with simple rules, which are more fun to play. Many people all over the world claim that card games were invented in China. They also talk about its origin in the 1300s. Though there are many debates about the original place of card games, we can assure you that Chinese card games like Chinese rummy hands are so much fun to play.

In order to play Chinese card games, all you need to do is to have a few people and a deck of cards. But, if you don’t have any of these, then you can play Chinese card games online on gaming platforms like Gamezop, Zapmeta, Getmega, Vip games, etc also. If you are searching for a platform for the best experience and also want to win exciting rewards and cash prizes, then you should check these mentioned applications. In online mode, you don’t need any other person or deck of cards but if you prefer to play card games offline with friends and family, then here are some of the Chinese card games that you can experience.

A List of Best Chinese Card Games:

The rules and principles of Chinese card games are very simple to understand. Here are a few Chinese card games.

  1. Da Lao Er: It is one of the most popular card games in China. This game can be played with 2 or more people together. This game can be played at home and also in a casino. Da Lao Er is also a part of the gambling card games family. In this card game, the card with the number 2 is considered the highest card value. The primary goal of this card game is to make proper melds or sets using the appropriate combinations of cards. The player who clears his or her hands with high-value combinations of cards will be declared the winner.
  2. Chinese Rummy Hands: This is one of the most popular rummy family card games all over the country. Rummy is a card game that has many versions and Chinese rummy hands are one of them. Rummy card games are loved by many people not only in China but also all over the world. Chinese rummy hands have many exciting rules and principles that make them more appealing to Chinese people.

Here are some of them as followers:

  • The most interesting thing about Chinese rummy hands is the fact that people in China use a different deck than the normal ones to play this game.
  • Chinese rummy hands and common decks have one of the major differences: the suits have different names and they also have different categories of cards. In the common deck of cards, there are four suites named diamond, hearts, club, and Spades while on the other hand Chinese rummy hands have five elements with the names blessings, sacrifice, virtues, beasts, and directions.
  • If you see a common deck of cards which is easily available almost everywhere, it has 52 cards in which there are 4 suites and additional 2 jokers but in Chinese culture, the Chinese rummy hand has 27 cards in which there are 5 elements (suites) and 2 additional cards which are known as yin and yang (Joker).
  • This game is played with 2 or 3 players but if you are playing this game in a group of people, then you can use more decks of cards also.
  • Every player needs to deal with 5 cards. Like other rummy card games, after distributing the cards among the players, the rest of the cards are placed in the middle and the first card of the pile is face up.
  • Many rules of this game are similar to normal rummy games like taking one card at a time and getting rid of one card at a time, making proper sets, penalty points, etc.
  • The player who makes a proper set in Chinese rummy hands will be declared as the winner.
  • There are 3 sets or melds that a player can make, such as flush, straight, and five of a kind.
  • A player can flush all cards of the same or single suit. A player can make a meld from each card of each suit. At last, a player can make a meld of different suits with the same rank.
  1. Chinese Blackjack: Chinese Blackjack is very similar to Blackjack. It’s also known as “21 Points”. This game was first played in China’s old villages. This game is loved by the Chinese people on various occasions, such as Chinese New Year.


There are many popular card games in China. Some of the other games are, Zheng Shang You means “Struggling upstream”, Gong Zhu Meaning (“Chasing Pig”), Sheng Ji meaning (“Competition for the levels or 100 points”), and Dou Dizhu meaning (“Fighting Landlord”). But the one that is more popular than other card games is Chinese rummy hands. You can play all these games online also in Getmega which is one of the best gaming platforms to play games and win money as well as other amazing rewards. 

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