Get Your House in Order: The ExamSnap Easiest Step to Becoming Google Professional Cloud Architect Certified

So, you want to upgrade your career, right? Well, whether you like it or not, gaining up-to-date skills is the only way to beat the stiff competition in information technology and live up to your dreams.

You’ve probably heard that you can get a perfect head start by becoming accredited. But the million-dollar question is, what is the most in-demand IT certification right now for those who work in the cloud computing field? And the simple answer is the Google Professional Cloud Architect badge.

In this post, we’ll highlight the details of this credential, what to know to pass its test, and what does the learning path entail.

Exam Guide: Google Professional Cloud Architect

The ExamSnap allows students to show their proficiency in all aspects of Google Cloud technologies. Through the assessment, candidates verify their ability to manage, design, and develop robust, available, dynamic, and highly secure solutions to achieve critical business objectives. This training targets professional cloud architects who demonstrate a strong understanding of enterprise cloud strategies and solution design as well as knowledge of best practices.

Tackling Case Study Questions

During the certification test, you will likely face case study scenarios that will require you to explain business concepts. They provide supplementary context to help you choose the right response.Before taking the ExamSnap exam, you may want to check out more case studies from the Google-sponsored sources such as TerramEarth, Dress4Win, and Mountkirk Games among the rest.

Analyzing the Exam Topics in Detail

To begin with, it’s important to note that the Google Professional Cloud Architect assessment is available in Japanese and English languages and ExamSnap costs $200. You will have 120 minutes to complete all the tasks. As part of the training, be sure to focus on the following domains before you register for the test:

  • Design and planning of a cloud solution architecture

This topic focuses on designing a solution infrastructure that assures business growth. You have to prove your understanding of the concepts of cost optimization, ExamSnap supporting application design, data movement, building, buying, and modifying, among the rest.

  • Management and provision of a solution infrastructure

Under this domain, students should show their knowledge of how to configure network topologies. These include hybrid networking, data, security protection, and configuring individual storage systems.

  • Design for security and compliance

This topic exclusively addresses designing for compliance and security. The basic considerations here involve identity and access management, data security, penetration testing, legislation, and audits to mention just a few.

  • Analysis and optimization of technical and business processes

This section highlights analyzing different processes both business and technical ones. also, you have to be aware of troubleshooting, disaster recovery, customer success management, etc.

  • Management of implementation

To master this domain, be ready to prove your skills in application development, testing frameworks, and knowledge of API best practices. In addition, familiarity with Google Cloud Shell is needed.

  • Ensuring solution and operations reliability

This theme relates to quality control, monitoring solutions, deployment management, support of solutions in operation, and other activities.

Final Thoughts

Google cloud has advanced in recent years by raising its value proposition in the field that’s best described as insanely competitive. If you are planning to upgrade your competence in this technology, the Google ExamSnap Professional Cloud Architect certification is well worth considering. Take advantage of earning this badge today and build a career that satisfies your needs.

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