Essentials of Travel Nurse Jobs

When hospitals are short on employees, they turn to travel nurses. As experienced professionals, travel nurses fill temporary nursing employment in high-need locations. They rush into hospitals, clinics, and other institutions to provide exceptional treatment to people nationwide.

Travel nurses take on new assignments to expand their knowledge in various environments. They may work in a mountainous area on one assignment and then move to the beach for the next.

Nursing staffing agencies often screen their candidates to ensure they have the right qualities for this profession. A few essential qualities include being flexible, adaptable, and friendly.

License and Certifications

Travel nurses take assignments at hospitals with short-term staffing needs. These healthcare professionals must be licensed in the state they accept a contract. Most travel nurse agencies help with this process.

Nursing certifications can enhance your professional skillset and earn you higher salaries. They also show a commitment to continued education and excellence in patient care.

It’s a good idea to bring backup scrubs and casual clothes, especially if you plan on going out for dinner or a weekend getaway during an assignment. A dependable watch is also essential for keeping track of your shifts.

First Aid Kit

It is essential for nurses to always have a first aid kit on hand, as it contains necessary medical supplies that can be used to treat minor injuries or illnesses until professional help is available. Whether working in any location, having a first aid kit is necessary for all nurses.

Texas travel nurse jobs temporarily fill positions at hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationwide to help meet critical staffing needs. These temporary assignments can last a few days, weeks, or months.

It’s best to be prepared for whatever comes your way on a travel nursing assignment. Keeping essential documents handy can make a difference when you need them. A first aid kit is necessary in case of any unforeseen incidents that may occur while working.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Travel nurses work with independent staffing agencies to fill temporary positions in nationwide hospitals. They can have assignments that last a few weeks to months and are called in when healthcare facilities experience critical nursing shortages.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, travel nurse agencies have experienced increased service demand. Hospitals are paying their travel nurses more than ever to ensure they have enough nursing staff to treat their patients.

Because of this, travel nurses must have a solid support network. It includes family and friends who can help them re-acclimate to different working environments when they leave home for extended assignments.


Healthcare staffing agencies hire travel nurses to fill gaps at understaffed hospitals or healthcare facilities for short-term nursing assignments. Assignments are often based on an urgent need for additional nurses due to a sudden shortage, maternity leave, seasonal staffing changes, or other reasons.

A strong sense of flexibility is essential for travel nurses as they work with different organizations and teams on short-term assignments. They must also be comfortable navigating new environments and quickly adopting practices in various healthcare settings.

Nurses who work in operating rooms support surgeons during surgery and care for patients before and after the procedure. They need to be able to sterilize equipment and prepare surgical areas for procedures.


A few travel nurse essentials should be on your packing list. These include backup scrubs, shoes, a good-quality backpack, and other workwear to get you through your assignment.

It’s also important to consider what activities you’ll be doing on your days off and pack accordingly. It can include things like a swimsuit, sunscreen, and clothing appropriate for the weather in your destination.

Getting items that connect you with home can also help reduce homesickness while on an assignment. You’ll want to bring entertainment options that only take up a little space, such as books or a portable e-reader. It could include pictures of family and friends or favorite keepsake items.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Many travel nurses choose to live in temporary housing and must provide their cookware, dishes, utensils, and linens. Having a few small appliances that are easy to pack can help make an apartment feel more like home.

For example, a coffee maker or tea kettle can be great for reheating leftovers or starting the day with a hot cup of joe. Caffeine fanatics can save money by making their to-go lattes with a French press or tea strainer.


Travel nurses must fill temporary positions at hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide. They often work a few days, weeks, or months and then move on to another location and opportunity.

Night shifts can cause sleep disruptions and health issues, including weight gain, insomnia, high blood pressure, menstrual irregularities, stress, and anxiety. Prioritize your health as a travel nurse by keeping caffeine to a minimum and practicing healthy sleeping habits.

Travel nursing agencies also offer benefits like housing allowances, healthcare insurance, 401(k)accounts, licensure reimbursement, referral bonuses, and loyalty rewards programs.

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