Buying Real Estate In Pawleys Island – Here Are a Few Factors You Should Consider

Pawleys Island is an up-and-coming resort town with a wide range of options for buyers. But what are the factors to consider when buying real estate in Pawleys Island? You should consider some factors before purchasing your dream home on this pristine barrier island.

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  1. Location

Pawleys Island has several villages which offer various lifestyles and amenities. Choosing the right village is the most important decision you can make when considering real estate on Pawleys Island. A great way to choose the best village for your lifestyle is to consider what’s important to you. Here, we’ll discuss a few factors that may impact your choice.

  • Waterfront vs. Oceanfront vs. Intracoastal

If you’re considering waterfront properties in Pawleys Island, keep in mind that there are different types of waterfront properties with their unique benefits and drawbacks. Knowing what each one offers will help you decide when purchasing your dream home on beautiful Pawleys Island.

  • Pawleys Plantation

Pawleys Plantation is a newer development of homes built by the same developer of Carolina Forest, Georgetown, Myrtle Beach, and North Myrtle Beach. The homes at Pawleys Plantation offer privacy with the feeling of country living but are just minutes away from the beach and shopping. 

  • Amenities

Amenities can include anything from swimming pools to clubhouses to walking trails. These are typically included with new construction in gated communities and may have an additional monthly fee attached to them (in addition to HOA fees). 

  • Weather

To determine what type of weather you can expect, take a look at historical weather data for the area to see what the average temperatures have been historical. In addition, you should also consider the average temperatures for your area.

  • Future development

One of the best things about Pawleys Island is that it’s going through many new home construction and developments. If you’re looking for a great investment opportunity, this may be the best area to consider.

  • Crime rate

Sometimes, when we look at neighborhoods, we don’t consider the area’s crime rate. It may be important to research the area’s crime rate before making your decision on whether or not you want to live in that particular neighborhood.

  • Proximity to other towns/communities

If you’re going to be living on Pawleys Island, you’ll want to know how far it is away from other towns and communities. If there are small communities nearby with access to amenities important to you, this could be a determining factor when choosing your next home.

  • Beach access

If you’re a surfer, a walker, or just love the beach, it’s important to know how close your home is to the beach. If you like to surf, keep in mind that there’s a difference between oceanfront homes and those directly on the beach where waves can hit. This may or may not be an issue depending on where you live. For others, they may prefer oceanfront development where they can watch their kids surf without no worries of someone getting injured right outside of their home.

  1. Lifestyle

There are so many different types of lifestyles available on Pawleys Island. If you want to live with a lot of action, you may want to consider living in Pawleys Plantation, a newer development of homes with amenities. If you’re looking for a more secluded atmosphere, many waterfront properties have gated communities and private beaches.

Buying real estate in Pawleys Island isn’t just about buying property on the beach but finding a home that fits your lifestyle and needs. Each area has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider all the important factors when making your final decision.

How To Get The Best Realtor In Pawleys Island?

Pawleys Island has a lot to offer when it comes to real estate. However, getting the most out of your purchase will take knowledge and the right amount of research. Here are some tips on finding a great realtor who will aid in making your investment in this area well worth it!

  1. Ask around

Your friends and family members may be able to recommend a realtor to you! More likely than not, they have already bought or sold the property on Pawleys Island.

  • Search online

Most of the realtors on the internet have listings for their services. They also have profiles with their work history, which will allow you to see if they are reputable and have had good reviews.

  • Do some research at a local library

If you can find a local one, you should be able to find some information about real estate agents in the area. You can also read through articles written by local newspapers and magazines that discuss Pawleys Island real estate!

  • Check out reviews online

Receive unbiased opinions from other people who may or not know the realtor you are interested in a person. If they have gotten many good reviews, you know that they are probably doing a great job!

  • Ask the realtor questions

It is important to ask detailed questions about the services offered and what you can expect if you decide on them. Also, if there is a problem that arises, it is nice to be able to ask them questions before signing off on the purchase.  Get answers and feedback from as many people as possible when making your decision.

  • Ask for referrals

This will allow you to get an idea of who the most reputable realtors are in the area, giving you another perspective on who might be best for your property.  There is no point in putting all of your trust into one person, especially if there are many people available to help you out!

Also, you need to understand that it is important that you find a realtor who is available to work with you and your schedule. If they have time gaps or lack experience in your area, it can be difficult to get someone who will dedicate the time needed for your property to sell quickly.