Buy Awesome Wolf Rings from Gthic

Gthic’s collection of animal rings is forged with materials of all kinds: stainless steel rings, 925 sterling silver rings, gold plated rings, brass rings, tin rings, and alloy rings… The rings with different materials are handcrafted and designed with many details. The wolf rings are popular as wolf plays an important role in history and lots of people wear them to create their wild look.

Silver rings

On the off chance that you’re not happy with silver-plated rings, our 925 silver real rings will persuade you. This material is notable for its different benefits. It is an ideal material, safe as well as it’s agreeable to wear.

925 authentic silver is likewise known for its splendid dark tone, making any piece of adornment very refined. It’s one of the priority design embellishments.

Stainless Steel rings

Known for their strength and chlorine opposition, our treated steel gems can’t be oxidized. It will safeguard the brilliance of the steel. We likewise have a huge decision of different variations of ring styles including dark carbon rings, dark treated steel rings, wood rings, cobalt chrome…

Gold Plated Rings

If don’t have enough budget for gold rings you can browse the gold plated rings and they are cheaper than the whole gold rings. The gold-plated rings have a similar appearance as the whole gold rings. So, just take gold-plated rings into your consideration and add them to your jewelry collections.

There are still other materials for wolf rings, check out this site to get more ideas.

How to store and clean a wolf ring?

Sometimes silver rings lose their luster or blacken over time, depending on our attention to the ring and the care we apply. If we store the rings separately in a box or cloth, in a dry place and not exposed to light, and clean them with clean suede beforehand, the rings will be well taken care of and will keep Luster. On the other hand, many times because of rush or any other reason, we did not follow proper care or as well as we hoped. That’s when it causes those brightness losses or they turn black.

But don’t worry, here are our best tips to clean your silver wolf rings. With some small but useful tips, it’s very easy to learn how to clean a silver ring. You can do it yourself at home, you don’t need very complicated or expensive appliances or products, so you will no longer have a reason to show off your clean and shiny ring. Remember, for certain types of rings, those with a special value or very delicate rings, it is best to take them to a professional expert. This will ensure that your ring will not be damaged or scratched.

White vinegar: Soak your jewelry in a glass of white vinegar for about 2 hours. Then rinse with warm water and wipe with a soft cloth.

Beer: Soak your jewelry overnight in a large glass of beer, rinse and wipe with a soft cloth.

Baking soda: Melt baking soda in a coffee cup of water, then dip your very soft toothpick in it and rub gently.

How to choose your wolf ring according to your finger morphology?

When choosing a ring, consider the size of the palm and the shape of your fingers. Modern men’s fashion allows for jewelry to be worn on any finger, including the pinky and thumb.

If you have long, slender fingers, it’s best to choose rings that are wide, but not thick. You should opt for large rings and rings with a solid texture.

Massive, elegant wolf rings work well on short, thick fingers. Large and massive rings will emphasize the specificity of these fingers.