5 tips for photographing kids

If you are a photographer then you admit that photographing kids is not as easy as that of adults. You need to be professional in photography if you have a project of photographing kids. Your degree means a lot for this job but if you are not a degree holder or you are not a professional one and want to do photographing of kids in your family events then there is a complete guide available for you in this article.

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Amazing tips for photographing kids:

There is always something to learn in every stage of your life. You are not a perfect photographer for photographing kids, no need to worry because you can learn from the below given steps.

1.  Calm yourself:

The very first thing that you need to learn to photograph kids is that you should be as calm as clouds. You have to make the kid confident so that he/she will be able to face the camera. Kids are very shy so they hesitate to face the camera. In this situation you have to be patient and you should know how to deal with it. I love my son, so every evening I took some snaps of my son. Whenever I point a camera at him he always says not to point a camera. So you have to be patient and don’t force them to face a camera.

2.  Get yourself ready:

Photographing kids is an unexpected thing. You don’t know when and what your kid behaves. The next thing you have to focus and learn is that you should be ready yourself to click a picture of the kid. This is also called a random clicking but you have to click as many as you can and choose the best one out of them. Keep in mind that you don’t point the camera on the face of the kid. You have to act like your camera is not in your hands.

3.  Get on your knees:

Another important tip is that you should get on your knees so that you can talk to them at their level. This tip is also related to the second one because in order to get yourself ready you should be on your knees so that you can save your time of getting on the knees. There are different advantages of this tip, like getting on the knees sounds for the kid that you are friendly and wants to be friends with him/her. Another good thing is that you can make a clear and good image in this position.

4.  Look into the kid’s eye:

A very important tip that just popped in my mind and that is to keep looking in the eyes of the kid. If you are looking in the camera while pointing the camera at the kid, this will distract the kid from you. He/she will not show any interest in you that is very important. First point the camera and focus on the kid. After that you have to keep looking in the eyes of the kid and attract him/her towards yourself. When you think the kid is now completely frank with you, then you can see in the camera and take the shot.

5.  Don’t use flash:

Last but not the least, don’t ever use flash light while clicking the image of the kid. It is very dangerous for their eyes as their eyes are not powerful enough to bear this. Another important reason for not using flash light is that when you use flash light, it forces the kid to blink his/her eyes which is not good for a perfect image. 

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