5 Tips for Making the Best Coffee Ever

Sometimes, making coffee and home can feel a little bit like working in a chemistry lab. Boiling water, grinding up beans, and trying to get the solution just right. It can take a bit of trial and error before you can figure out how to make the perfect cup of coffee. So if you’re looking for ways to elevate the at-home experience here are five tips for making the best coffee ever. 

1. Start with Whole Beans 

One of the first things you should do when making the best coffee is to use whole coffee beans. Whole beans stay fresher longer than pre-ground bags. You should freshly grind your beans before making your cup of coffee for the best flavor. Depending on what you use to make your coffee, you should measure out your beans by weight first. 

You should also note what consistency you need your grounds to be for your coffee-making apparatus. A coarse grind will work great for a french press or pour over. Whereas finely ground beans are necessary to pull a great shot of espresso. 

Once you know exactly what you need you can grind them up in a coffee grinder. If you want to get really fancy you can use a hand grinder, but pushing a button is just as good. Once you have your grounds ready to go you can start putting together your perfect cup of coffee. 

2. Check Your Water 

The quality of your water can change the entire flavor profile of your coffee. You can switch from tap to purified and make sure to watch the temperature. If your water is too hot you can burn your beans. The best temperature water for coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When you go to brew your coffee, you’ll want to watch the way that you distribute the water as well. If you use a drip machine or espresso machine you won’t have to do this. But if you are partial to pouring over devices you can slowly distribute the water evenly. First to bloom the grounds to release the maximum amount of flavor. Then saturate the grounds and let the coffee brew fully. It might take more time but the result will be worth it. 

3. Agitate Your Beans 

If you’re looking for a smooth, hot cup of coffee you’ll want to experiment with brewing in a french press or pour-over device. When you do this the coffee beans will mix directly with the hot water. Instead of just letting the water sit on the beans and waiting for the drip to occur, you should try agitating your beans. 

This means taking a second to mix the beans in the water in the french press. Or mix them with the water you are pouring in your pour-over of choice. Agitating the beans breaks up any dry clumps that may be hiding among your beans. This leads to a more even brew and better concentration of coffee beans making an all-around better cup of franke coffee machine

4. Make it Frothy 

Instead of pouring cold milk into your coffee in the morning, try frothing it. You can start by heating up your milk to add to your coffee to avoid making it colder. Then froth with a hand frother to add a velvety texture to your coffee. 

Once you get good at frothing milk you can start playing with espresso drinks. Most espresso drinks consist of combining different levels of frothed milk with espressos. You can start being a regular barista creating lattes and cappuccinos in your own home depending on how well you can froth your milk. 

5. Experiment with Different Coffee Makers

Your cup of coffee can change depending on the maker you use to brew it. High-end drip machines can still create great cups of coffee. But if you’re looking for something great, learning how to become an expert at your maker of choice can go a long way. Some of the easiest coffee makers to master are french presses and Aeropresses. These are relatively cheap and easy to find everywhere. 

The best part of using a french press is that you have complete control over the brewing process of your cup of coffee. From how many grounds you add to how you pour the water and how long you let the coffee steep. You can create the perfect cup of coffee exactly how you like it every time. For more in-depth tips on how to use an Aeropress or french press Caffeine Craze has you covered with the pros and cons of each device and how to use them day to day.


Making the perfect cup of coffee won’t happen overnight. It takes a little trial and error but helps you figure out what you like along the way. Making a great cup of coffee comes with patience and love. Once you find the right blend of steps, you’ll be able to make the best cup of coffee to start every day right.