What is A NDIS package?

When it comes to disability support that is available in Australia, the Disability Support Pension, Carer Payment, Carer Allowance are probably some of the first few services that come into mind.

From July 2016 though, a new scheme called the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was introduced. This changes the whole funding scene rather drastically – in a good way.

You see, the NDIS employs individualised funding which is very different from the standard income support that disability services operate under. It is not means tested, meaning it has no impact on any Centrelink financial supports. Instead, it sees to the personal needs and goals of each participant and provides the funding required to help people get there.

And often, this is referred as the “NDIS package”.

What You Need to Know About the NDIS Package

Basically, a NDIS Package is your disability services funding. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all, rather, it requires you to work with the government to come up with an approved funding package for the types of services you need.

This is the framework that forms the basis of the NDIS plan and your funding package. It helps people with disability access the supports they really need to achieve their goals, and to participate fully in community life.

Say for example you live in Melbourne and your disability condition involves mobility. Your goal is to be able to live more independently and to have more social integration. For that, you may need help in mobile equipment and/or vehicle modifications but you are otherwise mostly capable for daily chores, except maybe some minor household tasks that you need help daily with.

Through the individualised planning at NDIS, you can have that communicated with your planner and this will be included in your plan. As long as the services/supports you require are ‘reasonable and necessary’ to help pursue your goals, funding will generally be approved for your NDIS package.

You can even choose your preferred service provider to access the required supports and services needed to achieve your goals. Taking the same example from above, if there is a particular Melbourne disability services provider that you’d like to engage to access the services you want, you can certainly do so.

Other supports generally funded in a NDIS package include education, employment, social participation, independence, living arrangements and health and wellbeing. They can range anywhere from transport, consumables, assistance with daily life to home modifications, finding and keeping a job, assistive technology and the likes.

As you can see, the NDIS Package is very flexible and allows you to have more say in what’s important in your life and the support you need. It is now fully rolled out across all states in Australia so apply today to fully utilise the scheme to improve your life.