Tips and Tricks for Wearing Men’s Hoodies on Any Occasion with Style

Men’s fashion has undoubtedly taken a vast leap in the past decade. With the increasing influence of global style on the Indian fashion world, the trend has shifted in men’s style to a more experimental and sometimes even metrosexual chic.

Men’s hoodies and sweatshirts are one of the most convenient and versatile fashion elements that can be worn in numerous ways to suit any event. You could use the following tricks to style a hoodie for any occasion and stand out in the crowd.

Layered Casual and Stylish Style

The final look can be surprising when you create a look by layering hoodies with other fashion garments. The immense potential of a hoodie paired with jackets, coats, T-shirts, etc., can take you to a different voguish road every time. Here’s how you can style it differently each time.

With Denim Jacket

Often, men find themselves in situations where they want to create an impression while looking for different tricks that can help them style a layered look perfect that suits a particular outing. A timeless denim jacket can do the trick here. For example, you can wear a pullover cotton hoodie with a denim jacket to create a casual, relaxed look.

With Crew-Neck T-shirts

The look comprises three layers where you start with a crew-neck T-shirt over a pair of slim jeans; next is the layer where you add a jacket or a shirt (according to the weather) and complete it with a zip-up men’s hoodie. Finally, add trainers to nail your subtle, stylish look.

With Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are a rage in 2023. Team cotton, wool, nylon, or leather bomber jackets with hooded sweatshirts or zip-up hoodies to create a trendy urban look. The stylish bomber jacket combines well with a simple men’s hoodie to exhibit the right amount of fashion for a city boy look. Wear dark-colored jeans and trendy sneakers to complete the casual contemporary urban look.

Athleisure Style

The athleisure style is here to stay, where you can combine a relaxed, comfortable, casual, and stylish look beautifully without much effort. Simply put, the athleisure style conveys the message that you look stylish even when you do not change your gym clothes. Here are a few tricks to help you create your effortlessly modern casual athleisure look.

Cowl neck hoodies

Cowl neck hoodies appeal aesthetically while looking athletic and casual. Choosing a simple or basic cowl-neck men’s hoodie with loose-fit pants or jeans is best for a cool, relaxed look. However, there are no rules when it comes to fashion. So, if you have a bold cowl neck hoodie in mind, wear it to create your unique style.

Hoodie Co-ord Sets

Move a notch higher to create a lazy urban guy look. Opt for casual hoodie co-ord sets or create one with a stylish men’s hoodie with the most suitable pair of track pants, joggers, or shorts.

Printed Hoodies

Today, menswear designers are creating out-of-the-box designs for men across all age groups. With the growing popularity of hoodies, innovative men’s hoodie designs are seen in the market, from animal prints and abstract prints to 3D prints. Try a new athleisure look like Edrio‘s tie and dye digital printed hoodie to create a fashionable exercise look.

All Season Hoodies

Your wardrobe is complete when you add an all-season hoodie that can be worn anywhere and anytime. The zip-up all-season men’s hoodies are versatile clothing specially made with fabric to be worn comfortably almost throughout the year.

A Tailored Classy Style

Due to its versatility, the hoodie has made its foray as an elegant fashion piece. Men use hoodies to create an elegant look while breaking the fixed norms of sophisticated menswear. When paired correctly, a hoodie can add style and make heads turn wherever you go.

With Leather Jacket

When you plan to wear a hoodie to a vibrant party or a casual office get-together, pair it with a leather jacket and a pair of slim-cut jeans to make you look sleek and stylish. You could opt for a dark-colored zip-up all-season hoodie under a leather jacket with elegant leather shoes or sneakers, as per the occasion. 

With Coat

Whether you are heading to a weekend outing or want an elegant mature look for a date, a hoodie with a coat will do the trick. The look will make a lasting impression with a style straight out of a Hollywood movie or a K-drama. Wear a light-colored basic hoodie with a coat, loose-fit pants, and sneakers to do it correctly. 

Valuable Tips for Styling Men’s Hoodies

Here are some additional tips to help you carry your hoodie with swag anywhere.

  • First and foremost, choose a well-fitted hoodie that suits your body structure.
  • Choose hoodies that can be styled versatilely and combined with different elements smoothly.
  • Sweatshirt hoodies look more voguish than zip-up designs for men. However, a zip-up hoodie might suit a particular layered look. So, it depends on the way you style it.
  • It is a great idea to opt for an all-season men’s hoodie in the Indian climate so you can wear it anytime.
  • Cotton hoodies are the top choice if you are looking for longevity. 
  • While layering hoodies, if you feel the look is too dark, opt for a white T-shirt inside and vice versa to create a more balanced look. 

Now that you know what you need to create the particular look you want, browse online for different men’s hoodies and sweatshirts at affordable rates. Don’t hesitate to be experimental and try something new.

The biggest mantra for looking fashionable is being comfortable in your skin, irrespective of gender, color, and preferences. Your style must highlight your individuality and display your true self. So, be you and be fashionable with the latest men’s hoodies at Edrio.


Why are hoodies popular among men?

Hoodies are comfortable, versatile, cool, and the perfect fashion element for men. The popularity of hoodies has increased in recent years after they have been styled differently and accepted widely in different settings, especially by celebrities and international fashion icons.

What is the right fit for men’s hoodies?

Men’s hoodies should fit evenly on the torso, snug at the shoulders, and end right near the belt. The rule is neither too tight nor too loose so that they do highlight the body structure and make you look sharp. However, you can also opt for oversized hoodies, which are also in vogue.