Google Wishes Pac-Man a Very Happy 30th Birth Anniversary


Pac-Man and its fans are celebrating its 30th birthday and guess who is the surprise guest? Well, it’s none other than Google itself, every fan of Pac-Man is celebrating in their own way either by posting their best score on social media or going to play the arcade after years. So, Google also decides to help the fans feel the same rush by sitting at their homes, Google has made a Google doodle of the game Pac-Man.

All about the Google Doodle of Pac-Man:

In honor of Pac-Man’s 30th Birth Anniversary, Google has come up with a very creative idea. Google has replicated the game in a very short and simple manner on their homepage, So, now anyone who is visiting Google will see that doodle as the very first thing.
For fans, it is a great joy as they can now easily play the game without the pain of traveling to the arcade or downloading the app to their phones (if the phone supports it), For non-fans, it will work as a promotion plug-in and will eventually add more players to the game’s user base. 

Timeline of Pac-Man till now:

  1. 1980 – On the day of 22nd May 1980 the game was publicly released in a movie theater in Shibuya, Tokyo under the name of “Puck-Man”. It was the first-ever game to be promoted on a big screen in the streets of Tokyo, which surprised the public immensely.
  2. 1981 – In the year 1981, Namco came with the 2nd edition of the game specifically targeting the female audience as the game was quite a talk among women those days. So, they named the edition “Ms. Pac-Man.”
  3. 1982 – In the year 1982, the game launched its 3rd edition which took the U.S. gaming market by storm, They named it “Super Pac-Man.” Cartoons and songs were also released, seeing the popularity of this edition.

Pac-Man Fever, sung by Buckner & Garcia ranked in the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, The Hanna-Barbera productions launched a cartoon of Pac-Man which also saw some amazing results in its viewership.

  1. 1983 – Just like Mickey Mouse was considered a sensation among the fans, Pac-Man was also being related to that same fandom. This year, Pac-Man released an edition called “Pac & Pal”. 
  2. 1984 – Pac Land was the new addition to the game’s inventory. It achieved a great reception from the fans and entered the top two positions in the arcade game sector.
  3. 1987 – To make the gameplay more realistic and fun for the players, this time the game has been developed in 3d form, The new edition, “Pac Mania,” is the 3D version of the original Pac-Man. The 3d version allowed the players to jump over the ghosts rather than change the track when they came from the front.
  4. 1994 – Pac-Man released the next edition, “Pac Panic”, which was more based on riddle-solving skills and hence made the game popular.
  5. 1995 – To make fans hover in time, Pac-Man launched the next edition called “Pac-in-Time,” which would allow you to go back in time 50 years from now, and your mission would be to come back to the present time by completing 50 levels.
  6. 1999 – This year, along with the addition of a new game called “Pac-Man World,” a new record was also made by “Billy Mitchel,” who became the first-ever person to achieve the game’s highest score.
  7. 2005 – This year, Pac-Man Arrangement was released, which is again a puzzling base game, but now it can be played on Playstation and Xbox as well, now two players can play simultaneously in this edition, and also, Namco’s Pac-Man became the most successful coin-operated game in the world according to Guinness World Records.
  8. 2007 – Two editions were released this year to attract more audiences. The first was the World Championship Edition, which was specifically managed by the father of the game, Toru Iwatani. In this game, the player has to achieve the highest score within a set time limit. The next edition was Pac-Man Vs., where two players could play simultaneously, one as Pac-Man and the other as a ghost.
  9. 2009 – This year another world record was set. David Race scored the perfect score but in the shortest time of 3 hours 41 minutes and 22 seconds. A new edition, “Pac-Man Remix,” was also released specifically for Apple users.

2010 – Google Doodle & How to Play It

On the 30th Birth Anniversary of Pac-Man, Google made a doodle for Pac-Man, which is visible on their home page. You can play the game on that doodle without having any issues with downloading or anything else.

If you want to play the game just to get the feel of the good old days. Go to Google and search for  Pac-Man.” The doodle will come right in front of you, Just click on it and enjoy the game.

PC users can use arrow keys to move the character, whereas phone users can play by making gestures.

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