5 Best Calming Movies to Help You Relax

Most of us are stuck in our hectic routines and daydream about living closer to nature. From planning an escape to thinking about using our vacation to visit a beautiful location, we all are just trying to pacify ourselves. It seems like we are trying to just appease ourselves every day while waiting for the vacation to come.

However, most people have switched to second-hand life experiences via vlogs, online videos, movies, and TV series. Through these entertainment sources, they get to fuel their dream and enjoy time in different places of the world without taking a day off.

You can enjoy your nights while living as a farmer on a Japanese island and get back to your job as an executive during the day without spending a single penny. This has changed our experience for good. More production houses are supporting calming movies that can soothe your burning desire to travel and escape.

To enjoy these movies you just need a good internet connection and a subscription to an online streaming site of your choice. To follow the list that we have sorted for you, you might need a subscription to multiple online content streaming sites. However, if you opt for a good cable TV series like RCN, you get over 302 channels in the RCN channel lineup. Apart from this, you will get access to on-demand title streaming so you can watch movies of your choice.

5 Best Calming Movies to Help You Relax[SA1] 

If you are looking for some of the best calming movies, we have sorted a list that you can enjoy.

1-   Only Yesterday

Available on: Netflix

Release: 1991

Genre: Animation, Romance, and Adventure

Runtime: 1hr. 58m

Synopsis: A Japanese career woman fascinated by the village aesthetic gets to participate in the plantation process in a village.

Only Yesterday is an extraordinary attempt to bring the attraction of nature to light. Extremely calming and somehow a very feeble attempt to talk about the childhood trauma, drifting away from family and exploring complexity in adult relationships. This movie offers a very rare glimpse of Japanese farmer culture. The movie is so subtle yet too strong that it can evoke all sorts of emotions in you. Although, for some people, it will not make you sob but will surely make you ponder about simple life decisions, family life, and family members.

2-   Little Forest

Available on: Netflix

Release: 2018

Genre: Drama, Comedy, and Adventure

Runtime: 1hr 43m

Synopsis: A Korean woman, working in the corporate world, leaves her metropolitan life in Soul, gets back to her village, and lives in her childhood home for a few months to relive her childhood memories. 

The little forest is the epitome of soothing Band-Aid in the cutthroat competitive life that we live in today. Exceptionally beautiful, and complex yet very vintage, this movie is a complete treat for travelers with a passion for cooking. If you like traveling, appreciate travel documentaries, or are a huge master chef fan, this movie beautifully encompasses everything. Apart from this, there is a tint of freedom and a longing for escape in the movie.

3-   Into The Wild

Available on: Netflix

Release: 2007

Genre: Drama, Travel, and Adventure

Runtime: 2hr. 28m

Synopsis: A recently graduated student gives in to his continuous longing for nature and designs an escape plan that ends with some serious consequences.

Human begins are not designed to live in small spaces, concrete jungles meeting deadlines, or fighting time restrictions. Into The Wild is a brilliant story of escape from the modern world into the ecosphere that brings you close to nature. A recently graduated student, abandoned all his savings and belongings to hitchhike to Alaska. He then stays there mapping a life that brings him closer to nature. By cooking, bathing and just living in the wild, he gets to concrete yet very outstanding message of sharing. For someone who has a longing for travel but cannot do so just because of the pressure in the modern world, into the wild is a story of hope.

4-   Her

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Release: 2013

Genre: Romance, Sci-fi and

Runtime: 2hr. 6m

Synopsis: An introverted writer stuck in the world of tech falls in love with an unconventional partner only to be betrayed in the worst kind of way.

Her is a love letter to modern technology. In the modern world where machines and humans co-exist, there is still a sense of control that is practiced by a human. However, the story gets one step further to introduce a very unconventional and rather controversial relationship between an iOS assistant and an introverted man. The story is so delicately woven that you will feel emotionally involved, yet the idea in itself is a little foreign for a few. The movie offers unique use of colors in its cinematography that gives a vintage yet minimalistic effect. The minimalistic effect in the scenes also explains how we are so lost in seeking simplicity that we miss details that makes our lives worth living. 

5-   Call Me by Your Name

Available on: Netflix and Prime Video

Release: 2017

Genre: Romance, Drama

Runtime: 2hr. 10m

Synopsis: Two young men embark upon a journey of self-love and sexual experimentation somewhere in northern Italy during balmy summer afternoons

Call Me By Your Name is a story that will live with every viewer for a long time. The movie comes off as a simple story but offers you the ability to time travel a few years ago when love was to be legitimized by the use of numbers, genders, and years.  For simple reasons like aesthetic, philosophical topics, and picturization of scenarios with words, this movie offers a very in-depth insight into the love that most people will find very appealing. As a romantic at heart, this is a story of love and loss yet there is no dull moment in the movie.

Bottom Line

Most movies that are declared calming do not come with a message. They are either just comedy movies or they are loosely based on the store. However, the above-mentioned movies offer something different that you can relate to.